Harrison graduated! He’s hiding a smile because I’m yelling “HARRISON! THAT’S MY BROTHER!” The room was super dark–I apologize for the blurry pics.

 Curt coincidentally stood right in front of us. He could not sit still during the ceremony, I’ll tell you that.

 And I got Josh to finally look over at me. It took a good 30 minutes.

 Harrison with the princ.

 On Saturday we headed to the farmer’s market. It was a blast. So much fun energy.

 The Chocolate Conspiracy. I kind of love the name. But the chocolate sample we tried was a no go. (The Wild Spice. Why didn’t I go with the other two?)

 I. Loved. This. Pink teapot wind chime. I will be making this. Plus, it sounded so beautiful.

 Hi, I have a puppet and a giant mouth. I’m going to eat you with my laugh.

 Yes, puppet, I understand your problems. Tell me more.

 Sophisticated Spencer, sophisticated puppet, who may be singing opera.

 Sweet Salt Lake. Fresh Mint Limeade. (This stuff was bomb and looked so easy to make. We’ll have to try it on our own, right, Spence?)

 Handmade journals. My fav is the back left one–the orange binding and the yellow kitchen diagram thing.


 i. want. orange. backpack.

 i want.

 this just looked like a fun booth. so here’s a picture. so there. plus it smelled delicious scrumptious. (spencer says scrumptious, not delicious.)

 i love this girl being forced to play the violin with a scowl on her face.

 i took a few pictures of her because she’s got that hot barn girl look. totally crushing on her. plus, it was a cool booth.

 limeade girl. she has not peed herself. this group was a bunch of dorks. they talked about being as capable as orangutans (i have spent five minutes with spencer trying to figure out how to spell this and i’m thoroughly disgusted that i have pronounced “orangutans” as “orangutangs” with a good G at the end. ugh.).


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  1. Anonymous

    Dear Annie,

    You don’t know me, but I feel I owe you a “thank you”. It’s sort of a long story. I have no idea how else to reach you, so I figured I’d just leave this note here.

    A few years ago, I stumbled on your site while in search of blogs pertaining to the CBYX program. I wanted to do the program myself, and I thought that perhaps checking out the writings of other people who’d participated might help me get a grip on what sort of people the program was looking for. Anyway, yours was one that came up, and I ended up reading through quite a lot of it because I found the name of your site funny and the things you wrote fascinating. It’s been a long time since I read it, and looking now I see that tons has changed in your life! Congratulations on everything!

    I ended up making it to Germany last year, and I kept a blog of my adventures myself. Last week I finally finished a final summary video of a project to which I’ve dedicated the last two years, “The Lernen to Talk Show”:

    My hope with the project is to inspire people in the USA to see that learning a language is very much within their grasp. I wanted to share it with you because, well, you shared so much on your site with people like me searching for ways to get to Germany.

    You’re lucky to live in a place like Salt Lake. I finally got to visit last fall and man, what a beautiful city. I wish you all the best down the road!


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