I watch a man ride to work on a unicycle. He has a yellow bowtie and a suitcase. He rides down Mainstreet and everyone stares.

I chase a ladybug around my house and take her outside.

I want sand, boulders, and waves.

I miss Oma.

I watch too much Mad Men.

I dream of bombs and hiding and protecting a baby.

I am heartbroken from a rejection email.

I watch men construct a government building downtown. Its windows look like Tetris.

I follow a librarian as she plops her favorite young adult novels in my hands.

I watch Silus point at birds.

I think about Cairo and our strange goodbye.

I hate Facebook because it makes me jealous.

I wonder about Lu and Em on a mission.

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  1. Hey! I went to high school with the bow tie/unicycle man’s kids.

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