I’ve been in total de-junk mode.

I don’t want to go to work because I want to keep de-junking.

De-junk, de-junk, de-junk.

And our house is still a complete mess. Stacks of books, bags of clothes and papers, stack of frames, piles of dishes (and I mean PILES).

But the house looks rockin’, decorating wise. I need that black and white striped throw from Ikea to put on my couch. I need someone to make a pillow out of a dress I have. I can’t throw away the dress, but I can’t wear it. It’s that floral dress I bought in German. 50euro. I didn’t spend that much money, but I did buy that dress and I love every bit of it.

Our dishes are a problem. We hate doing the dishes. We. Hate. It. We must figure out a system before school starts again.

I can’t find my phone. I need to leave in 30 mins. I really can’t find it.

I don’t know if I’ve told you, but Spencer has been really into salt water fish tanks for a while now. I hoped that if I didn’t say anything and ignored the subject, we wouldn’t actually put a salt water fish tank in our house. Well. We have a salt water fish tank in our house. And it’s been sitting there full of water with no fish for a month now.

So we got two fish. Black mollies. One girl with a soft, flowing tail, and one boy, with a defined black edge around the tail. Gizmo and Rhino. I named Gizmo. Spencer named Rhino. Rhino has a sharper nose too.

They live in a 30 gallon tank with live rock and dead rock we took of the beach in Hawaii. We’re not sure if that was okay or not.

Rhino already pulled a Nemo move. He swam into the filter, got sucked up the clear tube, went down another tube, and plopped into the sump. There was a lot of screaming on my part. I was almost in tears as I was yelling at Spencer. “We should not have named them!” I said.

We figured out a way to save freaking Rhino and he is still alive. I’m traumatized. I don’t think it phased the fish. He doesn’t act like it phased him.

There’s also a few tiny pink worms that came with the live rock. They just hang out there.


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  1. Never name a fish.

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