There is hope! Must write three small essays by tomorrow morning. Drafted both of them. Waiting for Mom’s response. Aware of giant revisions. Too much acid from the past 3 days and feeling that major “I need to get all of this out of my stomach and throw it up” thing going on.

I can’t concentrate on another thing. I know I should stay up and write. I’m dead.

Last time I did this, my mommy was by my side driving me to all these places and making all the phone calls. I hate being grown up.

Funny thing–I got an email from CBYX asking for alumni to be coordinators for exchange students coming to the U.S. (does this sentence feel über awkward to you? don’t care). Did you guys in the Southwest side get the email too? Umm, did you see the money involved? Ummm, are you totally gonna do it? If you’re a CBYXer and didn’t get the email, message me and I’ll forward it to you.

Off to pray. Pray for me if you’d like. Pray for my sanity too.

I’m grateful for you readers. 🙂 Especially you guys who have been with me for a while. (I’ve had this blog FIVE years!)



P.S. My cousin Tarl is getting married tomorrow. I adore him and can’t wait to meet the lucky gal.

P.S.S. Belle and Sebastian are coming to the Twilight Concert tomorrow. GAAAAAAAAH!