This is Rhino. You can tell he’s a boy because his bottom fin is a point. Rhino has a thick black line on the outside of his tail. He also has more pointed lips.

 This is Gizmo. (Not the whale). She’s quite the intellect. She’s reading up on Mauna Kea.

And look! She’s looking at where Mauna Kea is on the map!


  1. I didn’t know black mollies were salt water fish, or that they could read maps. See what I learn on your blog?

    Dishes: Consider cheap paper plates and plasticware for awhile.

    Consider a portable dishwasher. It would change your life.

  2. A portable dishwasher would save all of our world problems right now. What would be cheaper? an 80$ portable dishwasher or paper plates for the next 2 years?

    And black mollies can apparently live in both salt and fresh water.

    P.S. How did you know about black mollies? Do most people know about black mollies? Am I out of the loop here?

  3. In college, I had gold fish and my roommate had black mollies, both in separate bowls (unsalted, of course).

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