Another beautiful day on the lake! Gayla and Lloyd have been dying to take my family boating. Even with the dark clouds and sprinkles of rain, we absorbed every second of wake boarding, tubing, and trying out a wooden ski. Gayla made pasta salad, Mom brought chips and cookies. Maxwell pulled up his lanky body on the wake board and Mira popped right up. Next time they will get the feel of standing on water and will be excellent pros.

Kevin brought his two friends Thomas and Evan, which also made the day enjoyable.

Katie and that rad sweatshirt. I love that color.

The pose that I could not NOT take a picture of. (Evan grabbed the camera for a close up. Thanks, Evan)

Kevin being a dork. 🙂

Hey, hey!

My babe.

Kevin, what’s that thing hanging from the back? (Lloyd in the background, asking Kevin what the heck he’s wearing)

Every man wants a picture with Katie’s hot sunglasses.

Mama chatting with Kevin for the first time.


You’re up! Now put one foot forward!

Giraffe legs. Now if I could only get in the wake…

The masterpiece.


Kevin and Spencer being competitive brothers. One side is Kevin’s, the other is Spencer’s. I think they which way would have the water flowing the longest. Correction?

I like this picture of Max. I wish Spencer wasn’t in the background. I think Max is the cutest kids around.

The perfect ledge. Yummy food. Good laughs. Good conversations. Thanks for the picture, Gayla.

Spencer, Mira, Evan, Maxwell…. and his legs.

The fam! (Minus Harrison and Spence).

The fam! (Minus Harrison. Harrison gosh dangit why weren’t you here?)

Me… and my leg, and the fam.

A bit of ballet practicing for Dad and Mira. Or maybe just trying to kick each other’s tube.

My face is cute here. And I like Mom’s laugh. And Dad. This is a once in a lifetime experience. My parents with me on a tube? Will this ever happen again?

They adore him. Buncha dorks.

Mom snapped the shot at the right time. Thanks Mom, for the pic.


  1. I love these pictures. Charles was hurting a lot on Sunday having used muscles that have seldom been used. Even Mira’s arms ached.

  2. This is so awesome… I can’t even handle it. Tubing and skiing are what my activities usually include when visiting my grandparents up north… And I have to say that there is nothing better than taking friends and family tubing for the first time and hearing about how much they loved it(:

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