I love my simple ritual of walking to work each morning. I enjoy saying hello to Jose, my bus driver, and watching the unicycle man with his yellow bowtie.
But today I took the Trax route instead of the bus route, which meant walking down Mainstreet. The trees are emerald green due to the thunderstorm last night. It was calm and those who were walking to work were still rubbing their eyes.
I woke up to a reassuring email from Germany that they will help me obtain my visa while I am there. Relief.
Spencer and I went on a walk last night for Family Home Evening. We walked to the gardens and pretended to have our own as we pulled weeds from a random person’s slot. I pulled a Morning Glory that was suffocating what seemed to be the only flower the random people attempted to plant. With dirty hands, we walked back up to our court and sat on the picnic table.
I gave the lesson outside about doing the small things that God asks us to do, even when the two of us will be countries apart. I promised him I’d find a church to go to, and said we could still find a way to do Family Home Evening.
After, we lay on the bed with the curtains open and watched the lightning until we fell asleep.