This summer has been so freaking fun.
So we were first like, “Let’s celebrate the Fourth by ourselves. Yeah, let’s just do our own thing.”
Yeah, we’ll just go buy a big bucket of chicken from KFC, go to Sugarhouse, and it’ll be rad.
We woke up. We were kind of bored. We scratched that idea. We drove to our fam’s.
When we got to Spencer’s fam, Katie and Lloyd were on their way to buy red, white, and blue spray paint to make a flag. See pictures for masterpiece.
Off my lunch break. Got to go.

Then we went and ate at Monster Sushi. A great way to celebrate our American culture, right? We all shared each other’s rolls, which was a good thing because we all liked other people’s order. My favorite was the Winter Roll. Must remember for future reference.

Then we headed to Aunt Pam and Uncle Derek’s house for pool time (we forgot our swimsuits), banana strawberry ice cream bars, and doggie play. Cousin Lindsay and Kelby have a Great Dane named Dash. It’s funny that giant dogs can be such scaredy cats. Dash wouldn’t get in the pool.

Max and that smile. They’re playing Categories in the pool. Mom got caught every other turn.

Hello, Ollie.

Don’t mind if I sit here, right on top of Cassidy. And Boo just chillin’. Whatever.

I love Grandma’s outfit, Pam’s outside rugs, and Boo.

Happy Birthday Dan! Save your lit candles!