Two bowls of Captain Crunch, the knock-off brand.

A fun-size pack of skittles.

A fun-size pack of M&Ms.

Barq’s Rootbeer.


Cinnamon Pop Tarts.

I have gone running each morning for a good four weeks now and today was the most difficult. The thing is, it was the same length and course that we always take. I quickly hopped out of the bedroom before I could change my mind, slid my clothes on, and walked out. I thought it’d be best to bolt it. The faster I go, the faster I’ll be done.

It sucked. My legs were wobbling all over the place, I had huge side aches, and all I could think about was all the crap I ate the day before. Two miles of death.

Does stress also wear you down when you run?

My goal in Germany is five miles a day. I’ll map it out when I’m there. I hope I can find at least one other girl to run with. Hopefully one that’s better than me, or someone who’s gonna yell at me when I don’t wake up.

No Captain Crunch today.

Just a piece of toast with peanut butter and bananas.

And one of them blueberry greek yoghurts.

And maybe a plum.

Today will be a good, relaxing day. Tell yourself that.

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  1. Wow, you run? Amazing. Think how much stress you would have if you didn’t run. Stress sucks.

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