Wednesday was a relaxing day at work. I wrote down another million words to memorize and I’m actually excited to study them over the weekend. You know how school work is kind of fun after summer?
I got home and took a small nap before I headed out to Institute (religion class) at the LDS family history building in Kiel. I was not expecting a crowd. I mean, how many Mormon youth can there be in the Kiel area?
…Holy crap, people! That room was filled! And all of them came up to me, introducing themselves. The elder missionaries were there and Jack was there too. I met a girl named Nena who I find totally rad. She laughs a lot. Have I told you how much I love laughers?
One of the teachers totally hit the spot for me. He talked about how Mary Magdalene in the bible was the first to see Christ after he was resurrected. He gave a summary of what happened and then talked about the sisters have such strong spirits. It felt like it came right from the heart. He was completely sincere and I just felt like a million bucks for being a woman who loves Christ and tries to be a good person. He did a great job. 
Afterward we all went upstairs and had dinner, thanks to the Margetts who cook twice a week for all of us. We give them 2 Euros and they give us a feast.
Chicken Enchiladas, too. The best.
Sister Margett and I talked for a bit. She is my spiritual rock. I sit with her and it’s like all of my energy is revived. I started to get up and she ran over to the leftovers and shoved as much chicken enchilada into a plastic bowl as she could. We said goodbye and I walked downstairs.
“Oh, and Anne!” sister Margett called.
She looked at me with a big smile and somewhat sad eyes. “Happy anniversary tomorrow.”
My heart sunk. I smiled. “Thank you. Thank your for remembering.”
Sniff, Spencer, Sniff. 

Petra introduced me to a colleage named Friedhelm who is a professor at Kiel and knows a lot about the political sytem in Germany. I told him about my research paper that I have to write to earn credits. He’s pretty much going to be my mentor in writing my paper. He is so nice and we will talk to each other often. This means I can’t procrastinate. 
After work Petra invited me to their stall. Henrike rode Parsifal and I took pictures. Then I got to ride Parsifal which was awesome. He is a sweet, sweet horse. So relaxing to be out and about.

I avoid my apartment like the plague.
(Religious Talk J) I can’t tell you enough how blessed I am to be here in this city with these humble, patient, good people. I was bummed out when I didn’t get the Berlin Parliament internship and was mad because I felt my prayers had been disregarded or that I hadn’t been listening correctly to the spirit for the past year. Being here has shown me such a greater love God has for me. Like, unbelievable.

Today is Friday. Haven’t taken any pictures, but I got the bike from Frau W! It’s red. It has a black basket in the back. It takes me 20 minutes to ride to work. I’ll take pictures and write a post tomorrow. Maybe tonight I’ll go bike around the city and take pictures. It’s finally time to see the whole city of Kiel.
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Oh, Anne! I’m so happy for you. Give the horse a kiss from me next time you see her. And I miss you.

  2. It sounds like all of Kiel was waiting for you to arrive, including maybe the horses. You look very nice on a horse, by the way. I’m glad you got a bike. Can’t wait to see the pics.

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