Work is a relaxing atmosphere. I enjoy talking with Petra, Sunna, Rüdiger, and Herr Lüeße and going out to lunch with them. I love having my own office and taking part in meetings, some of which are with the governor.
Friedhelm and I talked again on Friday about my paper. He has suggested that this weekend I find a theme and start think about points. I think I will write my research paper comparing Schleswig-Holstein and Utah, but I need to think about some specific things I’d like to look up.
After work I rode my bike down the street to where Frau W told me free wifi was. I sat on a Strandkorb and blogged and looked out into the bright blue water.

It only stayed for an hour before it got dark. 
I grabbed my backpack, unlocked my bike, and had the intention of driving all over the place, but I got stuck on one street that had an old botanical garden. Beautiful little place. 

After I took my last picture, it started pouring. I put on my rain jacket and rode home as fast as I could. Well, until the rain stopped and then I lollied about, looking for other places to take pictures.
I also found myself at a bakery and ate a Berliner and a Schokobrot. First time eating a Schokobrot since I got here, people. Delicious. Just don’t look at my Nutella container.

On my way home I ran into Svenja and we rode home together. Here’s a blurry picture of her:

At home I had a perfect night. I watched Miss Congeniality in German which cracked me up. I thought of Megan and watched the parts where I knew she’d start cracking up. I brought the Nutella container up with me and ate my dunkelbrot. My brot is way to dunkel (dark). But eating anything with Nutella makes it good. I need to actually go the bakery and get some bread.
Then Spencer and I talked. It felt like we were both at home again chatting on the green leather couch. Just talk-talk-talking. I got to see Gayla and Katie and cousins Garrett and Lily (Cody was looking at the fish) before Spencer and I said goodbye. They were all heading to the zoo.
Have a fab Saturday.

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  1. The botanical garden is beautiful and I love that house in there. I realize every time I read your blog how much I miss being around water.

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