Petra invited me to go shopping in Hamburg with her family on Saturday. When I visited Rosa the last time I came to Germany, I got to see a bit of Hamburg, but only seeing a bit of Hamburg is not enough.   Such a great (and huge) city. The little bits that I saw were magnificent. Water everywhere, bridges everywhere, tables and umbrellas everywhere (what is it with umbrellas that make a place so cozy?)–fantastic atmosphere. I am really wishing the blank space in front of the University of Utah’s Marriott Library could turn into a street in Europe, or jeez like in front of City Creek on Mainstreet. Why not? Umbrellas in the winter are fine. It would bring the school so much closer together. No more blank cement. More places to sit. More umbrellas. 
So here are some rad pictures of the Hamburg experience: 
P.S. I am listening to the Dan in Real Life soundtrack and it is the happiest music. My favorite song is “To Be Surprised” by Sondre Lerche. The first instrumental part is just beautiful and the singer’s voice is (drooling) soooooo good. And it’s like you listen to it and you’re so happy you want to cry. And I just love Dan in Real Life. 🙂

 My roommate told me Monki was her favorite store in Hamburg. We went in and it was like going into a Disko. I was totally cracking up.

P.S. I think us Mormons need to find a drink that will bring us together ASAP. And that Mormon coffee stuff, what is it? That stuff does not count that stuff is nasty. Let’s get on that now. Start finding a drink that will turn our culture into this, yo. 🙂 Maybe something with cinnamon and loads of whipped cream. Like, lots of whipped cream. And we’ll call it the… I don’t know. Brainstorm, people. Let’s hear your ideas.

 I love these people.

 This, my friends, is Abercrombie and Fitch.

Yes. Abercrombie & Fitch.

Like they turned it into an old looking church (maybe it was an old church, I’m not sure) and painted men gone steroids all over the walls.

And look at the statue of that due on the bottom.

I’m serious, people. There is something sickly wrong with this.

And we had to wait in line outside to go in. I think it’s a marketing thing to make people wait outside to go into the store. Do they do that in any stores in the U.S.?

And there are chandeliers! Chandeliers! I was cracking up.

And I have actually not been in an Abercrombie where there’s a half-naked dude standing there with girls lined up to take their pictures with him. I was so immature, I was cracking up at everything. Totally snorting and just, yeah.

I will admit, I’ve got some respect for Abercrombie after their Senior VP came to the U and talked about how they went from a nearly white employee store to establishing a diverse culture. That was pretty cool.

We went to a restaurant called “Alex” which sits right next to the water. I ordered the best pasta. Basil and veggies and mmm, it was so good. 

 Starbucks looks pretty rad in  this older building.

 Hamburg was so much fun and I love Petra and her family. They are all so sweet, patient, and welcoming. They drove me to a part in Kiel where I would meet Rüdiger and his wife and hang out with them for the night. There was a Duckstein Fest Saturday night, which happens in Kiel every year, although it usually rains. It was a sunny day and the place was packed. Duckstein is a beer brand that sponsors the fest each year.

 Our food. Rüdiger told me to get a cocktail without alcohol, so I got a Piña Colada. Why is it blue? Haha. and there were fried bananas. The best.

Renada, Rüdiger’s wife, kept making us try her food cause she was in love with it. 🙂 (Hers is the top left one). Spence, I thought of you and knew you would have gone crazy with the food. It felt like a day at the farmer’s market and I missed you terribly.

 Right on the water.

 A woman named Theresa came from Nashville, Tennessee. She sang Summertime and I nearly lost it. She was so good, people. She was oh, so good. And then she sang Proud Mary by Tina Turner and gosh it was so fun! She did so good. She kept trying to get the audience to shout back and get into the song with her, but they were all too quiet. I was cracking up.

 All these Germans getting their dance moves on.

 This is one of my favorite things about Europe. Sitting outside with a drink (mine being Fanta), getting a snack (mine being a nutella and banana crepe), and chatting outside. I love the tall tables they have where you stand and share with random strangers and drink. It is such a wonderful atmosphere. I love it.

 If you haven’t seen these before, this is typical German. They’re kind of like those nasty little Valentine hearts that say cute things on them, except these are giant cookies.

 I’m sorry I can’t send this to you, Spence, but I felt taking a picture of it at least showed that I was thinking about you. Du bist mein Traummann, hahaha. (You are my dream man)


  1. Fun day!

  2. Just when you think you’ve met all the nice people in the world, you meet more. I like this about life.

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