I didn’t know what I said yes to at first. I mean, I understood most of what Petra was saying. We would be driving near Husum, there would be the North Sea, and we’d be hiking. Cool, sounds great.
Then Rüdiger came in and we started talking. 
“Yeah, the (—-) could come all the way up to here,” Rüdiger says, pointing to his legs. “So (——) to (——-) and bring (——).”
(—-) = Anne’s brain malfunctioning from too much German.
“Wait, what?” I say. 
So we got on Google Maps so they could show me:
“You are walking from here… to here.”
Oh! I get it. We’re walking to an island! Why didn’t I understand that before?
Petra picked me up at 7:50, we picked up another colleague named Roland, and off to Lüttmoorsiel we went! (But we passed the city Schleswig, so I took this rad pic. Beautiful, ne?)

 And there just happened to be a rainbow in back of a great windmill scene. Best ever.

 We were sure that It’d be a rainy, cold day. We wore hoodies and wind jackets. But then we wore short shorts for the mud. Petra and I looked rather hip.

I was expecting to walk through water, but we went at low tide. We walked to an island in low tide and there was no water! I didn’t know low tide could mean no water for miles and miles. Does this happen anywhere in the U.S.?

 Roland. 🙂

 Shells and muscles and shells.
And a little crab.

 After two hours we reached the island. Green grass, a bunch of sheep, and purple flowers everywhere.

 We had lunch outside on this patio. I ordered Schaffkäse and Kakao with Sahne. Mmmm.

 This is the postbox. “Nächste Leerung” means “next emptying.” Then it says “TIDEABHÄNGING,” which means “Depending on the tide.” Me likey.

We got to ride this guy home back to the island. (The water was coming back up when it was time to go). Petra, Roland and I sat on the benches in the back. 

Here’s a sheep and two sheep butts.



After. (The evolution of an elephant. Who knew?)

And there’s the sea! The water coming back up again.

 Walking to the island was such a blast. I’m so thankful to have all of these awesome opportunities! I love getting to know Schleswig-Holstein and being able to talk to so many people with different perspectives and lifestyles. When we drove back, Petra and I headed to their stall to pick up Heinrike. Here is the famous Pasibald (Petra, wie schreibt man das? Haha!) , looking glamorous, even in a bad mood, Heinrike said.

I went grocery shopping with Petra and Heinrike and got the random necessities that I’ve been forgetting–dish sponges and Schokostreuseln (chocolate sprinkles). Very necessary. 
I hope you Utahns (and Californians and Washingtons and Texans and all) are enjoying the summer. Kiss some red rocks for me. 


  1. Time to move to a beach town.

  2. Anne I love the way you intertwine photos and story. Absolutely fabulous. I’m so jealous.

  3. Anne, the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia has these kind of extreme tides. Boats rest on the bottom of the sea in harbors at low tide. You can ride rubber rafts on the incoming tides, which is a wild experience.

    This is a wonderful record you’re keeping.

  4. Bruna

    I would never walk on that thing…just saying…

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