Days 18-20. (I’ll write up 21 tonight).

I have decided to write my research paper on policies dealing with minorities in both Utah and Schleswig-Holstein. Thanks to my colleagues, I have been able to get in contact with the department in the state chancellery that deals with just that. On Thursday I had a meeting with a woman who gave me two books to read about minorities in Schleswig-Holstein and policies dealing with minority support in the state. I am super excited to start reading about what the Staatskanzlei is doing.
As from what I can remember, Thursday was another chillax day at home. Unfortunately from my emails with Spencer and my journal, I can’t remember exactly what I did after work. Naja.
My colleagues and I enjoy sitting outside, like in these photos, for lunch. The light grey stuff in this photo are all shells. 


First, I went to work. Then I paid my rent. Then I went back to work. Then Friedhelm took me to the second floor and introduced me to everyone. Next week I will go to the “coffee club” with everyone and meet some more contacts. Friedhelm introduces me with my full name. He says it in English. “This is Mrs. Anne Louise, Mrs. Anne Louise, Mrs. Anne Louise.” He says it three times so the person he is talking to will remember. Then he says, “Sie kann sehr gut Deutsch.” She speaks very good German.
Friedhelm cracks me up and I am glad I have him as a mentor. All of my colleagues are just wonderful.
After work I went everywhere. I just rode around. It was so darn sunny and beautiful. I first rode my bike along the water. Then I tried to find Holenauerstraße and found this. Lovely. 

I stopped at a bakery to get a snack and was thoroughly disappointed. This picture underneath… It looks yummy, right? That thing is not chocolate. It’s a raspberry taste. And that top yellow layer is like eating a soggy sugar cube. And that creamy filling? No good! The hot chocolate wasn’t even good! Worse snack I have ever sat down to eat. Worst. Does anyone know what this is called, by the way? I read “Gansebrust” or something, but I don’t think Goose Breast is exactly what it’s called.

And the thing is, I think I have made this mistake before. I think I have eaten this same thing in Jülich and was just as disappointed. Naja. I can’t remember.

I headed down Holtenauerstraße, which is a lovely street. Especially on a day like this where the sun is shining and everyone is out and about.

Orange and blue.

This man saw me taking pictures and talked with me for a bit. I love this picture of him showing off his wurst(…). He also gave me a sample of some wine, and I said no thank you and he said ‘It’s alcohol free!’ so I drank it. You should have seen me biting my lip, wondering if I was doing something bad. It was Most, so maybe I was, but oh well. It was kind of like when I was 10 and I accidentally drank green tea at a sample table at Costco and my mom said, ‘That was green tea’ and I started crying and she laughed at me and I cried harder.  

I rode next to the Rathaus and saw this park across the street. I stopped my bike under a tree and sat down to take pictures. Five minutes later this little boy came up to see what I was doing. His mom and a few of her friends were laying out. Little boy and I played for about an hour. He laughed at everything. He just laughed. He had snot running down his nose. We had a good time.

He ran off to play with some other strangers. Then he’d come back and baby talk to me.

was a rad day. It was slow at the beginning, but at about 3pm, Svenja and I got on our bikes and went shopping. I bought a grey dress that looks fantastic on me. Ain’t no lying there. Hottie. Mama. (Sometimes I think I’m the funniest person on the planet… And then I see that no one’s laughing and just cough and move on. But then I know far away Megan Terry is laughing, and then I’m like, yeah, I’m pretty funny.)
Svenja was looking for a black blouse. She tried every single black blouse in H&M and didn’t like any. I was cracking up. She didn’t find one she liked for the rest of the day.

On our way back home, we went through ANOTHER park where a bunch of students were having picnics, grilling, and drinking and whatever. We ran into a friend. His name is Tim and has blonde lovely locks.

Ann-Kathrin, remember what I said to Bjorn the first time I met him? 🙂

We got home and left 15 minutes later to see a movie with Svenja’s friend, Maria, who was such a sweetheart. I will not tell you what movie we saw for the sake of keeping some dignity. (cough, bling ring, cough, gag!, cough, WTF emma watson?)

I feel like Sunday needs to have its own post because it was seriously the best day of church I have had in a long, long, long time. The bishop in our church said everything I needed to hear. I left the church thinking, heck yes I’m going to serve the lord! Right now, yo! Like, I’ve got 5 German Books of Mormon in my room.

I am in the weirdest mood and thoroughly enjoying it.

I am off to Family Home Evening.


  1. Great title. Love you.

  2. I think you’re funny! Looks like you’ve landed yourself in a beautiful place.

    Sorry you didn’t like your goose boob.

    Love, Dad

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