Yesterday was a bucket fill of blessings (again). It was my second night sleeping in my bed and I would be starting work the morning. Thanks to one of my dear colleagues, he said it was totally fine to come a bit later to work so I could get internet and pay my security fee for the apartment. The internet took forever to get and of course I was nearly having an anxiety attack, but finally (with the help of my roommate, Svenja) we figured it out and I headed to work. 
When I got there I felt so awful because I was a half and hour late (still trying to figure out the bus system), but I’m serious, these people are so darn nice. Sunna gave him a big hug when I came into work. When they found out I hadn’t eaten anything (I haven’t had time to go shopping), Rüdiger invited me to lunch and paid for me for the day. 
Then guess what? Petra, my other colleague, drove me to a Geldautomat (holy crap, what’s that called in English? The machine that you deposit and withdraw money?) and THEN SHE TOOK ME GROCERY SHOPPING. She gave me one of the tokens to get a grocery cart (they lock the carts up so no one steals them and everyone has to have a token to get a cart) and helped me figure out how the store goes. I walked around Aldi and missed Josa. 🙁
Petra, Sunna, Rüdiger, Herr Lüeße–everyone is so nice and thoughtful, I just can’t believe it. 
Work also went well. I have a bunch of things to read about the political system, which will definitely help me write my semester essay for the Hinckley Institute of Politics so I can get my school credits. The elections are happening in September so I gotta read up and everything. As of right now, we’re pretty sure that we will be in Berlin for the elections so it will be really interesting to see how everything works. 
After Petra took me home, I realized a couple hours that I forgot some things (toilet paper was a must and I forgot it). I tried to find the path to Aldi and realized it’s only 3 minutes away from my house. 

So I took this picture because when I was in Germany the first time I forgot to write about the little differences of Germany and America. In Germany there is this asphalt on the left side which is only for people with bikes. Pedestrians should walk on the right hand side so bikes can easily ride through. Smart, ne?

I know it is probably expensive to put a bunch of asphalt in for the bikes on the sidewalk, but we could totally do something like this. Why not simply paint a blue line on the side of the sidewalk so only bikers can go there? Everyone in America hates bikers because they don’t have a distinct place to bike. They will sometimes have a lane on the road, but suddenly the line isn’t there anymore or so many people have parked on the line that it just doesn’t work. If we want to be more bike-friendly, we really need something like this.

Lions and Tigers and Bears and Toilet Paper, oh my!

My first receipt. Ha!


  1. It’s an ATM! 🙂 And I am LOVING this!!

  2. ATM!

  3. fabulous country . . .

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