I was a bit worried about getting to church in the morning because the buses are just different on Sundays and there always seems to be an unpleasant surprise when I try to get to church by myself. But at the Hauptbahnhof stood two elders, two sister missionaries (their black name tags with white font give them away), and three other dressed up women grouping together.
“You guys are going to church, right?” I say in German with a smile.
I asked the sister missionaries where they were from. One is going to UVU. I named every person I knew from UVU and she didn’t know any of them. Eh. The other missionary is from Idaho and going to BYU-Idaho. It was fun to speak a little American English.
I sat next to a guy named Jack in Sunday school. Jack is at BYU and doing an internship for his mechanical engineering major.
At church a bunch of people came up to me and asked who I was and how long I would be here. After Sacrament Meeting a man came up to me.
“Hello, my name is Uwe and my wife and I would like to invite you to dinner. Jack is coming too.”
I looked at Jack and back at Uwe. “Natürlich!” Of course!
The day before I was concerned about what I would do with my Saturday evening. It was clear that I’d be busy.
At dinner the elder and sister missionaries were there, the couple missionaries were there, and Jack and I were there. We found out that Uwe has had bunches of callings with the youth in the church.
The couple missionaries, the Margetts, are from Salt Lake. In fact, they live down the street from me. We talked about our favorite places in Salt Lake and had a few warm heart to heart moments. We both missed our homes.
It was nice to have a big dinner and not have to pay for anything. I think food is the best thing you can give to an international student.
After church Petra called me and asked if I would like to go to the horse competition with her and her daughter down the street from my apartment. Horses are relaxing creatures. I took pictures with my camera, but when I got home my card had been reformatted and it lost all my pictures. Totally stupid. We watched the horses and talked about our animals at home—they have birds, a hamster, and a horse. I said my husband has fish and hermit crabs. We talked about Miss Cairo for a bit.
So many awesome people in Kiel. 

 Me and the sister missionaries.

 Missionary 1, Jack, Missionary 2.

 The Margetts, the couple missionaries.

 Jack and me.

Uwe and his wife (in the middle).


  1. It’s wonderful to be saved by Mormons on a Sunday. God bless the Margetts!

  2. When I went to church in Germany I could NOT find my way until I spotted a family that HAD to be Mormon (think mom in jean jumper, boys in white shirts, etc.) on the street and followed them in. So glad everyone is so welcoming. Awesome!

  3. God bless the mormons.

  4. Going to church yesterday has seriously changed my life. Monday and Wednesdays will always be filled. The Margetts leave in November so I will eat up as much time as I can get with them.

    Mikell, I absolute love that image. The jean jumper is a total Mormon signal, hahaha. I miss reading your adventures, Mikell, and you haven’t blogged in forever. What is up?

  5. Same thing happened to me in Berlin years ago. I didn’t know where the church was, walked out the door thinking I’d find it. A man wearing a suit and tie came out of his door across the street. I hopped in my car and followed him. Right to the church.

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