On Monday I tried to get my bike and was super bummed because it didn’t work out. I’ll try on Wednesday (tomorrow) again and hopefully it works. I’m so ready to ride around the city.
And work was really awesome, but I was dead afterward because I memorized a million new words in German (all politics) and then tried to understand each of the parties in German. Politics is tricky on it’s own, let alone in a foreign language. Super interesting! But you know, my brain was done.
I went home and took a 20-minute power nap. Well, more like 18 minutes because I woke up in panic and spent the last two minutes breathing through it. (Yesterday was my first day of anxiety boiling up, but I think I’ve got it). Then I headed to Family Home Evening.
I got there like an hour late. Apparently it starts at 7 and not 7:30 and I was late getting there. The Margetts made a delicious dessert, so I got some of that.
AND THERE WAS WIFI. My apartment is only a cable and I only get 10 GB per month. I’m not trying to sound like a brat or anything, but that is NOT enough especially when you want to skype with your husband. Ridiculous.
Jack and Brother Margett played pool. The missionaries sat on Google Translator trying to talk to a man who only speaks Spanish. I cursed myself for not knowing Spanish.
Afterward I took a bus that got me halfway home and then waited 25 minutes for the bus to the university. 25 minutes was enough time to start boiling up inside. The first 5 minutes was like, “Yeah, it’s dark and I’m alone in a city I still don’t know anything about. Alone with my husband. This is great!”
Next 5 minutes. “It’s really dark. Huh. And I’m in Germany. Huh.”
Next 5 minutes. “So um, what am I going to do tomorrow? And the next day? And the next day?”
Next 5 minutes. “……”
Last night was hard. I miss my hubby. But we’ve both totally got this.
Today was so rad. I’ll write it up right now. 
I finally took some pictures of my city. There will be more to come, but here are a couple streets that I often find myself on. 

 DHL is the post. Yellow is a good color.

 Water. I love living by water.

Oh, and another simple thing about Germany… Their advanced buses. (Are these screens in the bus used anywhere in America? I would think they would be used in big cities, but they definitely don’t use this in Salt Lake. It’d be pretty rad if they did.)


  1. You live by water, and there are girls on bikes? Jealous! Kick your anxiety with a lot of thanks.

  2. Breathe VERY SLOWLY. very very slowly.

  3. There are girls on bikes and soon I will also be a girl on a bike. Woo!

    Lots of thanks and lots of breathing. Thank you.

  4. You amaze me Anne. Fear will come, but you’re doing something few would have the guts to do.

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