On Sunday I went to church and had an ay okay day. The relief society wanted to know if I’d like to come with them to Copenhagen to do two sessions at the temple and then go home. It’d be 30 euros. Because I’m so awful, I passed because I wasn’t going to see much of Copenhagen and if I’m going to spend that much money, then it’s going to be cool. I’m terrible. But I can go to the temple in Salt Lake for free, so I’ll make up my sessions there. 🙂

I snuggled into my bed after church and watched Freaky Friday. Svenja has a bunch of chick flicks and I’m loving my time getting into bed and watching them. It like studying German vocabulary, but you don’t have to think about it.

That night I went to an opera with a group of international students. I didn’t meet any international students, really. Some people from the university came along and I’m pretty sure I’ll never see them again. The opera was outside at the town hall square (Rathausplatz). I hadn’t been there before and I rode my bike there so it was quite an adventure. It’s right next to a park with a pond and it’s just a great little spot in town. I’ll be spending more of my time there in the future. 

The opera itself was okay. I’ll admit, I say I like musicals and anything theatrical, but I’m pretty much done by the first act. I’m more than done. I’m dying inside. I want to get out. At the moment nothing sounds more awful than staying for the second act.

But because it was outside, it felt more like watching a Bees game on the 4th of July, waiting for the fireworks to come. I grabbed a Cola (they just say Cola in German, instead of Coke), which was refreshing. I like Cola so much more in Germany. Maybe it’s because they don’t have the Dr. Pepper option. And drinking anything from a glass bottle is more fun.

I rode my bike home and spooked myself out so I rode as fast as I could.

I got on my computer and saw an email from Spencer sent 5 minutes before that said ‘I’m sorry we didn’t get to talk today, I have to go now.’ I had a cow. I wrote him back and said I was sad I missed him. He checked his email at the stoplight down the street from our house, saw my email, and turned around. That’s why I love my husband. And smartphones.

I was sick on Sunday and sicker on Monday. I skipped out on Family Home Evening and went to sleep early. I also went grocery shopping, where I heard the lady at the register say ‘your total is 70 euro’ and I was about to cry right then (I only had 67.42 euros in my pocket) and then she said ‘no, 17.’ I looked at all my stuff I bought and went, ‘how can this only be 17?’ and gave her the money. I put all my groceries in my bike basket and rode home. I love having a bike. I need to get one at home.

This is the only picture I took on Monday. I saw it coming up the street and I shuffled through my bag to take a picture. I took it and went “yes!” When I realized what I had done, I burst out laughing at the bus stop. Spencer takes pictures of every volkswagen he sees. Sometimes he’s yelling at me to grab my phone. I had a weird Spencer-Volkswagen bus moment.

On Tuesday I picked up a package from the post office and saw another part of Kiel that’s awesome. I really have been trying to get myself over to the Innenstadt but I got sick and haven’t made it over. So darn pretty and I still haven’t see all of it! I love these little city surprises. (I’ll make sure to spend more than 5 minutes there so I can take pictures).

The package was from Josa and Herbert, who sent me an old phone for me to use while I am here. Thank you, my lovely German family. Ann-Kathrin stuck a bar of chocolate in there. Chyusss. Herbert called me up and then handed the phone to Josa. She cried, I cried, we all cried. Can’t wait to see them.

I was still sick on Tuesday and stayed at home. At this moment I cannot remember anything that happened on Tuesday.. . .. . .. I went to the bakery. Yes. I rode my bike over to the bakery and bought 5 Brötchen for 1.25 and a schokocroissant for 0.89. I ate the schokocroissant before I got home.

But yesterday was very interesting. I went to the Landtag (state parliament) and watched the six parties in Schleswig-Holstein debate about state Infrastruktur. I did not know that the Landtag was a debate. I just should it was going to be a nice discussion between all of the 6 parties in the state… Um, no. Everyone’s yelling at everyone, some people are polite, some people are not polite, some people are loud and scary, some people are timid. I loved it and stayed for 3 hours. I didn’t know there could be so many different perspectives about building roads and bridges and everything. So, darn interesting.

I didn’t understand a lot. It made me mad because I wanted to understand so badly. But oh well. As long as I keep listening, studying, talking–it’ll all get there. Soon my political vocabulary will be perfecto.

The minister president got up at the end and I didn’t understand what he said, and I was like, “Come on Anne, if you think harder you’ll understand!” Didn’t work, but I enjoyed all of it.

Plus I got to ride on these legit old-school elevators with Petra.

Last night I went to Institute. There was a huge drop in attendance, but Sister Margett says that’s normal.

“I never know how much food to make,” she said.

Uwe taught and I understood everything. We talking about having a relationship with the afterlife. We talked about why it’s important to know that there is an afterlife. He asked us how it makes us feel to know this, and know about the three kingdoms of glory, etc.

Sister Margett made a German dish. She bought everything frozen. I am so copying her. I can’t remember what it’s called. Do you German/German-speaking friends know? Meat covered in cabbage. Often with mashed potatoes and gravy. I don’t know. Kohl… Kohl something.

Off I go. I Hope you are well.


  1. Kohlrouladen – meat covered in cabbage. Wann kommst du endlich nach Berlin??

  2. BTW…apparently Blogger thinks my profile name should be “Unknown”. So…just so you know, its me…Greg

  3. Have a happy rest of your day, love.

  4. You like a stinking political meeting more than the opera? I don’t know what to say about this gap in our cultural tastes. It’s hard to adjust when you’re old.

    And what opera was it? It makes a difference. What opera? Anne? Are you there? Anne? Anne?

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