A couple facts for you:

1) There are not enough chairs in Barnes & Noble.

2) Your job is dwindling. Technology is taking over books.

From the above facts, I would like you to re-think your comment to get my fanny off the floor as I read a book that I was planning (key word: planning) to buy.

For the past twenty years, Barnes & Noble and I have been dear friends. My dad took me to Barnes & Noble with my little brother. While Dad checked out the medieval fantasy section, my brother read  Captain Underpants in the kids section near the painted forest from Frog and Toad. I read Junie B. Jones.

But as I grew older, I did not want to be caught in the kids section with my young adult novels. I remember searching for a chair on the second floor, only to find one (one!) chair that was taken by a fat guy reading Positions of the Day.

So I sat on the ground (on the side of an isle so people could walk through). People passed me and didn’t mind. Employees passed me and didn’t mind.

And for the past eight years of my life I have happily sat on the light green carpet of Barnes & Noble and turned through the pages of a book that I pleaded my dad (and now my husband) to buy.

After 20 years of being a loyal Barnes & Noble customer, I am confused that I am now asked to stand up. Hundreds of employees have passed me as I sit on the ground. Is it wrong of me to look at you and think typical? I mean, even you know the type. You know, the kids who shoved their nose in a book and yelled at the other kids to quit being so loud? And they’d go home wondering why they didn’t have friends and their mom said, “Because you’re so smart, you intimidate them,” but really they’re bossy know-it-all’s who everyone thinks is annoying. And here they are at Barnes & Noble. Typical.

I might be wrong, and if I am, do forgive me. But I do think most Barnes & Noble employees would admit they are happy to see young adults reading a book, let alone coming into their store. Most B&N employees would admit to not bother a young adult READING for heaven’s sake, even if their legs are crossed on the carpet.

My plead to you is to be happy to have customers. Be happy to have a job at a bookstore. Take into consideration that bothering a customer as they read is a no-no.

Thank you for your time,



  1. Amen to this.

  2. I always sit on the floor… even if there are open seats. I found a nice nook in my library once and read a whole novel… it was lovely!

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