On Saturday I said goodbye to the person I love the most in this whole world. We gave each other a big hug and said an awkward goodbye. The minute he turned his back, tears came flowing down my face. It isn’t the first time I’ve bawled going through security.
I watched Notting Hill (I hate how dirty everything looks in this movie. Too much dirty feet, dirty apartment, dirt), Iron Man 3 (way good, and I hate Iron Man), and Silver Linings Playbook (I watched this on the way home from Hawaii and had to watch it again. Probably my favorite movie out right now).
Everything went so smoothly. Too smoothly.
Which is probably why I missed my second flight to Hamburg and had to wait another 8 hours. First off, I was completely sleep deprived and I had said goodbye to my husband for four months 10 hours before. I was a wreck and there was no one to call. I cried for a half hour by myself in a silent hallway. Then I napped for the rest of the time.
I thought I had turned off my data plan, but apparently didn’t so somewhere in those 8 hours of waiting, I got a nasty email from my dad (well, as nasty as he can get), forwarding a message that AT&T was billing him over $100 for international usage. Oops. I’ll pay you as soon as I am done traveling this week, Dad.
But after 8 hours in the Paris airport (I watched two men deliberately pick their nose and flick a booger(actually, one wiped it on his white button-up shirt)), a 1 and a half hour flight to Hamburg, an hour waiting for a bus, and an hour and a half bus to Kiel, I made it. Guy (his name really is Guy) picked me up and took me to the place where I will be living during my internship.
I met one of my roommates (the other’s haven’t moved in yet). Her name is Svenja. She has blonde hair and bright blue eyes and a wide smile. She is majoring in English and wants to be an English and French teacher. I like her already. She also let me use her internet to tell my husband I was okay.

^ Here’s the place I’m living at. Beautiful, ne?
Today is now Monday and I have spent yet another day traveling around with my work around Schleswig-Holstein. We are checking out some of the most interesting companies around the state, which include a company that makes what looks like giant iPads, like touch screens on the top of a table. The touch screens are actually made of thousands of cameras that detect where you put your finger and… I don’t know, do the rest. It’s just kind of cool. (Sorry, that’s all I can go talking about that kind of stuff. If it was an article, it’d be different, but I don’t have that pressure to know every single thing). We rode a bus from Kiel to Wedel. See the map.
We also had a meeting with a company that sells digital cameras globally. This was placed in Ahrensburg, 30 minutes away from Wedel. I couldn’t understand much, because my mind was focusing on not going crazy with the carpeted floors and no air conditioning.
Also, I’m back to drinking bubbly water. Hate that stuff.

 After Ahrensburg we traveled for an hour or so to Lutjenburg where we visited a village that is for children (orphans, perhaps?) that live with other children in a small house, have a mother figure that watches after them, and they go to school, etc. The village has a school, playground, soccer field, etc. A few of the children and our group took these electric bikes (I’ve never been on them, so it was way rad) to Hohwacht, which is right on the Baltic Sea. The path was extremely muddy and at times we were riding straight through bushes. A plant burned my skin and left red marks. It’s not poison ivy or stinging nettle, but it did sting. So I don’t know.

Also I wore a dress, which was pretty darn hilarious. Picture me trying to keep my dress down as it rides up, showing my nerd-alert long underwear. It was hilarious.
But the group complained about it. Which yeah, it wasn’t exactly a smooth ride (not at all), but it was an adventure.

The rest of the night we ate dinner here and I sat with the personal policemen for the minister president. They are my favorite people now. I was cracking up the whole time. And of course, they asked why I was 20 and married, and I said it’s just common in Utah (trying to avoid the very long conversation that would come after that), but of course they asked, “Why is it common?” and I said it’s a religious thing, and they said what religion and I said Mormon and of course it went on from there. For an hour or two.

Questions they asked.
1.     Okay, looking on google, Mormons can’t drink coffee, smoke, or drink alcohol. Why not?
2.     So… the reason you got married so early is because you wanted to “cuddle up” to your boyfriend a little bit more so you don’t break the rules of having sex before marriage?
3.     So, your husband did this mission thing and knocked on doors? How long do you have to do that?
4.     What is the reason for not having sex before marriage? I mean, what if your husband is total scheiße at it and now you’re stuck with him?
5.     So. You still practice this? Like, you still call yourself Mormon?
6.     You are Mormon because your parents are Mormon?
7.     You’ve got three different heavens and no real hell. What do you have to do to get to the top?
8.     I’m sorry, please tell me again why having sex before marriage is a bad idea.
9.     How do you know if the person you marry at 20 years old is the right one?
10.  What happens if you get a divorce? Can you no longer be Mormon? Are you ostracized?
11.  Baptize for the dead. Please, just, yeah, explain.
12.  So Joe sees God and Jesus and he makes his own book up. Please explain.
I answered every question the best I could. They thought about it for a long time. I think two of them were just completely astounded. They said, “Komisch.” And I said, “I know.” I know how it sounds.
The thing is, I answered each question the best I could and although they listened and disagreed, I felt so good inside. I just felt every bit of me so happy. Yes, I know, there is no way of me making this sound normal, yes, I know Joseph Smith sounds like a joke, yes I know the idea of baptizing for the dead is creeped out, but I felt so extremely happy. The thing is, I know it’s true. Every bit of it is true. I live life in utter joy because I know these things are true.
Anyway, I love those policemen. They freaking crack me up. Such wonderful people. Funny, too. If you’re funny you just go up 10 notches in wonderfulness. 
Okay, that was the full day 1 of Germany. How many of you guys got to the end of this post? I don’t think I’ve written a blogpost like this in forever.
Kiss, kiss, kiss.

Me and my colleague, Anika.


  1. Thank you for this! Love it.

  2. Talk about a vertical takeoff! It’s just great, Anne. I’m a proud g’pa.

  3. I read every word and clear to the end!! I’m glad you are happy and doing so well. I hope you find time to continue posting about all your adventures! Love them!!!!

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