Days 21-23.

Good morning to you west side Americans. And good day to you random other visitors that I don’t know.

Mormon talk–

Sunday was so wonderful. The bishop gave a lesson on missionary work. Because I have been hanging out with the missionaries, I have had a greater love for all of the members and my friends who go on missions. It’s so hard! I love to see the missionaries excited when they talk about a new person interested in the church and coming to visit. I love hearing their stories, their spiritual experiences, and their humility to do this. They are trying so hard to be good people and you can see it in their eyes how excited they are when others are happy. That’s all they want–to give us just a glimpse of the beauty and joy we can experience for eternity. What a wonderful thing.

At church I had like five million things hit me in the face. I felt really close to Heavenly Father. I was reminded of my patriarchal blessing and the things it tells me to do in this world, and I felt this mighty “SO GO AND DO IT” hit me in the face. I left church feeling so many things–I need to study the Book of Mormon. I need to know every story. I need to take time each day to not just read but study. I want to go on a mission with Spencer. I want to be like the Margetts. I want to serve and serve and serve. I need to be prepared to talk about the gospel.

So it’s Tuesday and I’m really trying to keep up on this excitement. It’s so odd how you forget these experiences–how after a while you just think, “Eh, I was just overwhelmed at the time–it was nothing.” Noooooo!

And gah! I just can’t tell you enough how beautiful eternity is. The Plan of Salvation is magnificent. God is kind.


After church the Margetts brought me over to their house with the sister missionaries (the elders already had a dinner appointment) and we sat and laughed and told stories and ate the. best. food. ever. Roast. The Margetts are the best people. They just give and keep giving. They care about everyone.

I don’t know if I’ve said this on the blog before, but food is a big part of serving. Like, I really need to get my cooking game on… so I can give people food… Haha.

Sunday night we had a Bishop’s fireside at the church right in Kiel. There are two church buildings–one outside of the city, and one “at the RIZ,” or right inside the city (I’m not sure why it’s called the RIZ.) That’s where we have FHE and Institute and stuff.

My Sunday was filled and later that night I talked to Spencer. He started school this week, which means our talking schedule has changed. As of Monday morning we talk at my time 6am and his time 10pm.

On Monday I stayed late at work so I could go directly to the RIZ for Family Home Evening. There we played a little game when I tried to tell the rules to a guy named Morteza who is from Iran. He joined the church five months ago and is still trying to learn German. We switched from German and English and somehow had a conversation. He left Iran a year ago to live in a more free country, he said, and had to say goodbye to his family. So sad. The sister missionaries taught him the lessons through Google Translator and he joined the church a bit later. Crazy.

Afterward we made donuts. (The Margetts.)

Tuesday. Today!

Today during my lunch break I tried a new dessert (see above picture). No bueno. I mean, it was okay. I just wanted it to be really really sweet. I wanted it to taste like a cake ball. It didn’t taste like a cake ball. It tasted like bread with craisins and nuts, covered with chocolate sprinkles. One of these days I’m going to get it right, people. (Although I love trying new things and showing them to you. 🙂 )

Here is my work space. 🙂

Another beautiful sunny day in Kiel! Man, we’re getting so lucky.

Today I went to find the bigger Aldi (grocery store) because the one by my house is way too small and cluttered and unorganized. It feels like there is only one kind of everything, and my American self needs a few more options. I found a bike path and followed that for a while, until I was completely lost. I was somewhere in Kronshagen, which isn’t too far from my house but I did not know where I was. Finally I found the Aldi. I walked in and was relieved to see everything neatly stacked, not so close to each other, and like a million different kinds of frozen pizzas. I didn’t buy any, but I would just like to have the option of grabbing a frozen pizza if I want. 🙂

I got two more yoghurts, granola cereal with coconut, a new kind of spaghetti sauce (the last one I got was awful), margarine, and peaches. Tomorrow morning I’ll have peaches with my cereal and whipped cream. Probably not that healthy, but you know. Tonight I’ll make spaghetti and try out the new sauce. I’ll cook some carrots and broccoli too. Tomorrow I’ll eat at institute. Thursday I’ll eat rice and eggs. Friday… We’ll see.

Here are my options for films (auf Deutsch): The Princess Diaries, Legally Blonde 2, and Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

I am over 10GB and nothing as happened, people! I still have internet. Chyuss.

Is there cream cheese in Germany?

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