Day 24.

This post is way long, so I’m breaking up my days into separate posts.

And just a note, these posts are turning into more like journal-like posts, so I’m sorry for the rants, random things, and… whatever.

I believe you can live a good life not cooking, as long as you have a tasty spaghetti sauce.

I totally just made that up, but whatever.

But if you were worried about my spaghetti sauce that I bought at the bigger Aldi the other day, take a deep breath and relax. It. is. devine.

It is the best. spaghetti sauce. in the world.

Some more small and unnecessary updates:

My bike is making weird noises and I think the gears are off.

I may or may not be allergic to Nutella. But we’re not going to dwell on that thought for too long.

…I can’t think of anything else.

Wednesday was institute, which, as you have noticed, I am always looking forward to. But it was the most difficult day I’ve had so far. I just felt stupid all day. I sat in a meeting trying to understand what they were discussing and I SO BADLY wanted to understand. I’d catch on to something that made a little bit of sense and my brain went, “Ooo-are-they-talking-about-what-I-think-they’re-talking-about-because-if-they’re-talking-about-what-I’m-thinking-they’re-talking-about-then-I-think-that’s-super-interesting!”

So by the end of work I was done. Brain shut down. Anne can no German. No more. You have used up all of your data. Please insert 50 cents to play again.

 Although my German was going to crash, I at least got to enjoy the scenery as we sat under orange umbrellas next to the water.

This ship is called the Colorline. It is a mini cruise that groes from Kiel to Oslo for 79 euros (149 with buffet). Everyone here tells me it’s a must. They just say it’s freaking darn beautiful. Eeeeek!
So I left work feeling bummed because German was just not working out for me. But before I left work Petra told me about Schlemmer Freund, a bigger grocery store that has. everything. So I rode my bike over to Holtenauer Straße to check it out. It was glorious, people. Chocolate imported from all over. Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Frozen upon frozen upon frozen food (haha!). Cream cheese samples. All fruits imaginable. I was in food heaven.

I walked around the store looking for all of the ingredients to my favorite peanut butter sauce for rice (Thank you Heidi and Devan for the recipe) and it was all there. Cha-ching.

And all these different kinds of jams packed in cute little wrapping paper.

I didn’t know how to get out without buying anything (…hahaha) So I grabbed a Ritter Sport. One I hadn’t tried before. Why the heck didn’t I buy one of the classy looking chocolates with gold and light green wrapping paper? Who knows.

I rode my bike down Holtenauer Straße and walked into Kaufrausch which is officially my favorite store. It’s a mix between the random knick knack section in Urban Outfitters, Anthropology, and Jolley’s Corner. People. It was marvelous.

 On the left side of the chocolate bar notebook, there is map. See it? That’s a passport cover. I. Need. That. And yes, I may also need a cactus pen.
Okay, on the right side there are a bunch of coaster sets. I got Svenja for her birthday the pink one that says “KAFFEE KLATSCH” (Coffee gossip) with the lace surrounding the words. Cute, ne?

 I. NEED. A YELLOW. MINI. FRIDGE. With all those magnets.

 And I need one of these, oh my gosh oh my gosh, I need one of these iPhone covers! I think the England one is my favorite with the ferris wheel.

 Look at those toasters on the top shelf. I need one of those toasters!

 I NEED a yellow gnome!

My mother NEEDS a Facebook ‘Like” stamp for school!

And I NEED a Buddha toothbrush holder, people!

I spent an hour in the store and then another hour the next day. I love it love it love it.

But when I got to institute, all of that Kaufrausch excitement was gone. A new teacher was there and he thought I couldn’t speak any German and so he made someone sit next to me and translate. I kept telling him I understand and he insisted. I almost ran out to dig up a cobblestone and chuck it at his face.

Then I didn’t like anything he was saying. Hahaha. I probably would have not cared if I wasn’t so pissed off (…nope, I still would have cared), but he asked everyone in the room why they strived to be righteous and people answered, “Because overall it makes me a happier person,” or “Because I know if I do the things I am commanded, I can live with Heavenly Father again.” And he read something from Helaman and then said to everyone that their answers were selfish (in a smiling, ‘look how I just opened your mind!’ way)

GAHHH! Don’t ask someone to freaking answer a question ESPECIALLY in church to a bunch of young adults and tell them that they’re answer was selfish. Just. Don’t! You don’t do that! Just be freaking happy that they’re actually raising their hand and deal. Especially when it’s a question like “Why do you want to be righteous?” Like, ffff!#($!#$. You’re supposed to be selfish, that question is all about YOU.

I’m done.

Naja. So ist das. I went to bed and slept through my anger and woke up just fine. And then I prayed for comfort and I had an ay okay Thursday.


  1. There’s always a dufus to test our waters. I can’t think of any reason to call anyone selfish. We don’t know what goes on in their lives. People have varying ideas what “selfish” even means. It’s a worse word than swearing.

    Love all your little “wish list” things, especially the Buddha toothbrush holder. Awesome.

    We are in our house and going to dinner at your folks place in 40 minutes. Charles got our Wi-fi going. We were one whole night without it, and you would have thought the world had ended. What did cavemen do?

  2. I wondered… There were no comments and if you might have noticed, you were missing out on the Ed meeting Kesha fiasco. It was kind of a big deal, Grandma. 🙂 I love you and miss you.

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