I couldn’t leave Hohwacht without taking a few pictures of the sea. What a beautiful place. I’m so glad I was here. It’s always refreshing when you experience a new place, especially when it has water nearby.

Last night I was able to talk with Spencer for the first time with Skype. Loved it. Love him. Miss him.
We headed back to Kiel for a few hours and I got settled into my office. Guess what? I have my own office. With a closed door and everything. Woohoo! My boss called and asked my coworker to pick up a few political system books for me. We walked up the street together and my coworker talked normally. I was scared that I would not be able to answer a question if she asked me, but I understood everything perfectly. It was so good to have a normal, easy conversation where I could easily speak German. 
Then my professor came by! So good to see a familiar face in a foreign country. She gave me a hug and we spoke with my coworkers about what I would be doing here, etc. I also met the international studies program director of a university in Kiel, who will be helping me as I am here. Very kind and friendly. I think I will be comfortable here.

 I rode with my coworker Sunna to Trappenkamp where we visited a company that works with technology under water. Because it was the afternoon, by jetlag was sinking in and it was so warm and humid. I don’t remember anything, unfortunately.

Sunna and me.
Look how tiny this girl is! Can’t even believe it. And she was signing in to get in the skatepark!

 We then took the bus with the others to Flensburg and I tried to sleep (which did not happen). We visited a program that works with young children and teenagers to keep them busy with projects in skateboarding. They have a big skatepark where they do tricks and stuff. I was so surprised to see some of the tiny kids going up ramps and stuff in the skatepark. Very interesting and fun.

Afterward we headed to Glücksburg where we checked into the hotel and then went out to dinner with people from the region, like the person in charge of the skatepark, the technology under water, etc. I had the worst hot chocolate I have ever had and missed Spencer extremely. He makes the best cup of cocoa.
No, but really, it tasted like someone just dumped 5 tablespoons of cocoa, mixed it up with water, and stuck it in the microwave. Everyone was giving me crap when I put the fifth little bag of sugar in my cup, but SERIOUSLY.
I sat with Sunna, the policemen (they switched, so they are different policemen), and the bus driver. I was dying of hunger because I hadn’t eaten lunch and I had eaten breakfast really early.
I would just like to brag and say that my friends yesterday (the policemen) say I had “fast keine Accent.” Almost no accent. And they said my German is 90% correct most the time. I think they were being a bit nice, but then today I received a compliment again about my accent. Yippi! I’m glad I have the accent down. Now if I can just get out of my slowness. Es geht schon. I’ve only been here for 2 days, so it’s going to be totally rad by the end.
Enough. That was my day. Tomorrow is another adventure and I know the majority of what we will do, but you’ll just have to wait until tomorrow.
Other pictures:

 Unfortunately I was not able to walk around Flensburg, but I was in heaven as I sat in the bus and looked out the window. Big victorian houses, water, ships, green trees. Beautiful!

 The view from my hotel room. The sea, the sea, the sea!

Oh yes, also. Do you know on every vacation or trip there is always some tiny or annoying thing that happens? Like maybe you get scratched on your elbow of you have a million mosquito bites or you have a hangnail the whole time. You know how that happens? Eh, eh?

Well mine is that I forgot my toothpaste. GAHHHH!


  1. That is your hotel room? Holy cow, nice! Keep the updates coming. I’m relishing these posts.

  2. I assume they pay for the hotels and trips. is that right?I think I prefer water to mountains any day. I’m pretty sure. Hope you get to sleep soon.

  3. I KNOW, right? Super nice! Yes, they pay for the hotels and trips so I’m feeling like a princess.

    Water is soothing. Much more than mountains, although I love them too.

    Thank you, mommy and grandma, for giving me attention.

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