I think Spencer and I talked with each other on and off until 3am my time, which is why I woke up 30 minutes before we had to leave. I can do 30 minutes at home if needed, but when we are going going going and sweating sweating sweating everyday, a definite hour is necessary. Plus, I had to eat breakfast and pack all of my things. I hate eating in a rush.
And the hotel was just too nice. I didn’t want to leave.
I ran to the shower, ran for my things, ran downstairs, and off we went. I still can’t get a hold of any toothpaste. Seriously, I’m dying here.
We headed to Flensburg again to check out a program that brings girls together to play soccer. The girls have to pay ten dollars per month and that’s it. I’m not exactly sure why it’s just girls, but I know they focus on girls in different minorities and hope they will come and play and have something to do after school.

 After Flensburg we headed to the city Sønderburg in Denmark. BEAUTIFUL, people! I am in love with northern Deutschland and Denmark. I couldn’t believe it. We headed to the university and heard some presentations about using green energy. I  fell asleep. Jetlag and no sleeping is not a good mix. (Spence, I can already hear you saying “told you so.” Shush it.) But green energy is important. J

The university sits right next to water and boats and mustard yellow houses. The walls are all glass, like the Salt Lake library. It’s really beautiful.
We went on another bike ride, but this time with no e-bikes and with no mud. So fun!
Okay, what else… Today was just a whole day by the university, eating, presenting, bike riding, bus riding, etc.

From Sønderburg, we drove an hour or so to Nordstrand, a place in the other side of Schleswig-Holstein by the North Sea. We had dinner at the motel (what is the definition of a motel?) as well as classy ice cream with classy ice cream glasses. Why doesn’t Baskin Robbins or Maggie Moo’s make classy ice cream?
I smell cow poop everywhere and can’t see the sea out my window, but maybe in the morning I’ll go look around.
Megan, I had a dream that you wrote me and I wrote you and you were so surprised that I wrote you back (as you should have been) that you started dancing around and said “The sisterhood of the traveling toe rings is back!”
I also had a dream that Josa and Herbert, my host parents, didn’t want to see me. Which is weird because I distinctly remember having a dream the last time I came to Germany where I went back to America and my family and Greg and Chantel and Ron and Shar did not want to see me either. How strange.
It’s raining hard outside. Today was the first day that it was actually a bit cloudy. I am super lucky that I am here for blue summer skies and hot air, but I have to prepare myself for the next million cloudy days to come. But maybe I’ll get even more lucky.
Not a million days. 126. 127 til I’m at home. I just counted. I don’t usually count those things, but aw well. Do you think I can write a post each day until the “one hundred and twentieth sixth day in germany?” Nah, I don’t think so. I’d have to be way good about writing every day and actually have something to write about.
That’s actually why having a camera is good. If you have a camera and expect yourself to take pictures every day, then you want to go and look for something cool to take pictures of. It’s a good motivation to look for fun things to do.
Right now I’m getting a bit nervous because Thursday I won’t have internet. Hopefully I will be too tired to think about anything, will go to bed, then I can get internet on Friday (praying that I can, cause I will die if I don’t have internet over the weekend). It’s quite awful not being able to talk to Spence and not knowing when I can.
Today Sunna asked me what my husband’s name was. “Spencer,” I said.
Then she started joking, saying in Germany people say “Schatz” (like ‘honey’ or ‘cutie pie’) to each other, but in America people say “Spencer.”
Exactly, I said.
Okay, people. I gotta go search for some internet in the barn cow poop motel and hopefully can post this tonight. We’ll see how slow the pictures load.


  1. Geez, I hope you’re able to borrow some toothpaste. It makes the inside of my mouth so fuzzy to think of you without toothpaste.

    I love all things European, so I love the pics. Especially the painted cow with the letter to President Clinton in the back ground.

    Thank heaven for Skype.

  2. Still loving these updates.

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