Day 32.

On Thursday I got home and couldn’t sit still. It was a beautiful sunny day. Summer and Fall were at war and Summer was winning. I listened to ‘I don’t care’ on my iTunes and replayed it ten times because I love that line, ‘You’re from the 70s and I’m a 90s chick.’ And it makes me happy. It was one of those days I wanted to sing as loud as I could off my balcony.

Then I thought, ‘I need to go take pictures. Now.’

And then I thought, ‘I haven’t even played with my video setting. I need to go make videos. Now.’

So I got on my bike and tried to find where Svenja and I ran that first weekend I was here. Sadly, I haven’t gone running since. Mom’s old running shoes give me blisters and I don’t like running in my tennis shoes. That’s kind of a lame excuse. I’ll go running soon. I just don’t know when. In the morning. Yes. I’m gonna do it, yo.

It took a half hour to get to the canal. In between I made videos of the forest or my shoe on the pedal. When I got to the canal, ships were coming in and out. Perfect. I set up my camera. I really need a tripod. Christmas present, people. And a bike. And good running shoes. Neon pink and lime green. Or blue and lime green. Hmmm.

It took me an hour and a half to get home. Somewhere in their I missed a turn or two. I kept riding through villages that I thought looked familiar… And then I got to giant cabin looking houses with fields of poop and horses and tractors everywhere, and I was like umm… mommy? So I asked this couple walking their dog where the university was.

‘The university?’ they looked at me blankly.

Yes, the university. Do you know what direction is it?

“Oh, honey, are you okay? That’s really far away.”

Eh? “How far? What direction?”

“Oh dear, okay, um, take this trail up to the main road.  Then turn left and just… keep going.”

Uh, okay.

So I drove around, la dee dah, went up some hills, down some hills, and finally I was on the street that I got lost on when I was trying to find Aldi. Phewf! I had gone in a giant (GIANT) circle around the university.

I got home and my new roommate, Maria, came out of her room to say hello.

“How was it?”

“Good. I got lost.”

I was about to tell her the whole story, but she didn’t seem so freaked out that I got lost. Even though I was like woooo man. I was lost. But im back. I know, I know, you were worried, but im here now. Yeah, im crazy, but is all good. Iss all good.

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  1. Anne, the film is energetic and fun. I like the way you cut it and sped up the ship turning around. And I LOVE the path through the forest. Is there anything better than Europe?

    I think Kiel is having much finer September weather than we are. It is cloudy a good part of the day and then ends up raining in the evening. Lots of thunder too.

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