In this post I bring up sex stuff. Read at your own risk, yo. 

 Happy Friday, boys and girls.

I don’t have time to update you on the past week. I know I have a few written posts, so if I have the time to back track, I will. But the next three weeks are full of exciting adventures, so I have to keep up with the times, my friends.

Today Sandra and I met at the Kiel Hauptbahnhof for a weekend delight in Kiel. Sandra, my dear friend who came to America as an exchange student my senior year in high school, has never been in Kiel. It’s fun to be the one to show her around, even when it’s her own country. It’s also strange to speak a bit of German here and there. I got my wish to have a girl’s night–we watched Safe Haven (Thanks, Katie, for the recommendation), one of Nicholas Sparks’ novels turned to films, and we squealed when the scary parts came on. Did anyone expect Save Haven to be scary? We ate Schoko Duos and other chocolates, along with sprite. Oh, how I’ve needed a girl’s chick flick movie night.

The fun is still going on! I’ve got her until Monday morning.

 Kiel’s Rathaus, the town hall.

 Happy ducks, happy fall.

Love talking about old times, Megan, Bruna, Tadja being pregnant, host family stories, embarrassing moments, and all of that juicy stuff. 

Love that blazing orange.

Hey, handsome.

Hey, we match!

Our day got even better when, after we turned into 13-year girls posing next to a giant statue butt, we found an HIV-protection exhibition inside a big white tent on the town hall square. No one was around, so we thought maybe nothing was in there. But when we saw the sign, we thought, This is probably something really serious. We were wrong. Well, I mean yes, it was serious about using condoms and what not, but when we got in there, everything was so colorful and happy! Haha!
And again, we turned into 13-year old girls, pointing at things and giggling.

 “Don’t be a dummy, take a gummy.” Thank you, informative sticky notes.

How informative. Sandra is learning so much.

We stepped into a room where a woman guided us to this… operation of sorts. She told us about the importance of having the correct size of condoms and how most condoms in the stores, stated as S, M, or XXXL, are usually all the same size–some people just want to look good in front of the lady at the cash register, if you know what I mean. She taught us how to correctly measure and gave us a flappy ruler (at this point I was doing anything I could to not bust out laughing) and then showed us how to measure correctly in order to have safe sex. Nothing like getting a penis ruler and a condom for souvenirs.

I’m having so much fun. Too much laughing, talking, snorting, giggling. Back to my girly life.


  1. It’s fun to see Sandra again. Tell her hello from me.
    Suddenly Kiel is all autumn looking, but still beautiful.

    Wow, I’m 71 years old and have never had a penus ruler. Shucks.

  2. This is so funny.

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