Day 26. 
Petra picked me up at 6:45 for “Museum Night.” With a few euros we could go to all of the museums around the city. 

 The park next to the Kunsthalle was filled with little lanterns. I was in a dreamland.

 This was my favorite artist I saw all night. This artist created a miniature scene, like this one, and then…

 Took a picture of it and stuck a person in there! I absolutely loved that idea of building a tiny world and turning it into a real scene. I want to do this.

 I love all of the tiny CDs in this one.


 Again, my ultimate favorite thing about Europe. Tall tables and umbrellas in the night.

 Another piece of artwork…

Think about how long this artist had to work on this to make that urine shoot out like that. Hahahaha.

Around 8:30 or so Petra’s girl, Clara, met up with us, as well as a family friend. We walked around for a bit, ate at McDonald’s, and soon made our way home around midnight when our feet started to hurt. Such a lovely night.