Day 36.

At FHE Christoph did a small spiritual lesson. I can’t remember. It was something about light. Jack and I were the only youth, besides the six elder/sister missionaries who the Margetts called when they saw that no one was there. After the lesson, the Margetts said, “Our activity today is cleaning! Yay!”

Jack raked the leaves outside. The sister missionaries cleaned the doors and tables upstairs. The Elders and I did the downstairs. 

I wiped off the dust off the piano. Sister Margett has been complaining about that for weeks.

Elder Larsen is my favorite missionary. He is comfortable talking to me. He asks about my husband, my work, how my day is. The other missionaries crawl into a ball and hide in the corner when I talk to them. Well, not really, but, kind of.

Every time I see how awkward missionaries are around girls, I think of the story of Spence on his mission. His companion was really awkward around girls. And his companion felt that Spencer was always going up to cute girls on the street to preach the gospel (haha!). One day his companion was being super awkward and perhaps a bit bothered that Spencer was talking to another cute girl on the street.

 “Dude!” Spencer yelled. “One day you’re going to marry a girl from church. Do you want all of your options to be ugly? I’m doing you a favor here!”


After cleaning, Sister Margetts had garlic meatball rolls upstairs for us. Delish.

Sister Margetts and I talked for a while. I talked about missing my husband, Movie Night, the daily things, and she talked about her mission—the hard times, the good times. At the beginning of the year the Margetts transferred from Dresden to Kiel. They really needed someone to cook/feed the youth during the Monday and Wednesday activities. It was completely different than the kind of work she was doing in Dresden. The transfer was really hard for them and it was right around Christmas. They had so much to send home and barely any room in their car to take all of their stuff. They pretty much had to start over in Kiel.

It really made me love Sister Margetts so much more. Her knee hurts, she doesn’t sleep very well, she has left her family, but she always has a smile on and is always willing to cook. Gosh, she has to cook for a huge crowd several times in the week. I just can’t believe it. She and Elder Margett are so loving and know the gospel is true and I just love it.

But somewhere in our conversation, I felt something on the back of my head. I thought I had just an inch, but then I touched something. 

Eek! Spider! 

I tried pulling it off my head, but then Bzzz! A crazy burning sensation on my thumb. Bite. Spider bite.
I jumped out of my chair and screamed “Scheiße!” in front of eight missionaries and Jack. I ran around shaking my head around, hoping the thing was out.
I grabbed my hand where the stinging was. My hand was blood red. Sister Margetts pushed me into the kitchen where a First Aid kit was. She stuck my hand in baking soda.

Then from the other room I heard, “Hey, it’s a hornet!”

A hornet sting?! Damn hornet.

At that moment all of my Christian morals were gone. I wanted to kill that hornet. I wanted to go ape sh*t on that hornet.

Jack came in the kitchen with a piece of paper over a plastic cup. “I have your friend,” he said to me.

KIIILLL IT!!!!! I was a grizzly bear inside.

“I’ll go take it outside now,” he said, walking away.

I glared at him as he hopped down the stairs like freaking Cindy Lou Who with his happy hornet friend.

Then I took a deep breath and all was well. Christian morals restored. Ouch, my thumb.

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  1. Damned hornets. They don’t die when they sting you either. It’s so unfair. I love it that you cuss auf Deutsch.

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