Day 35.

At 10.30 my co-worker Rüdiger and his wife Renate picked me up. We drove a half an hour to a place called “Hofberg” (Farm mountain) where they sell cheese. 
Petra and Sunna made a list of all the cheese they wanted Rüdiger to pick up for them. When I told my husband where I was going for the day, he said, “Have a good day at cheese mountain.” I felt a little bit like Wallace and Gromit.
But there was no cheese factory, no plants made out of string cheese—just a small barn with dogs, cats, little kids running around, and a cheese stand.
And a cake stand.
And a hamburger stand. And a Bratwurst stand.
We ate ourselves to death. Later we had ice cream too. Now that’s a good Sunday.
Rüdiger and Renate took their cute dog Leslie. I. Love. This dog.


At the Hofberg people could take a tractor ride around the region. Rüdiger and I decided to go, while Renate stayed with Leslie.
“It’ll only be five minutes or so,” Rüdiger said.
We all crammed into the wooden trailer hooked to the tractor as a man stood up and introduced himself.
“Hello and welcome to Hofberg. I hope you are having a great day. I will be your tour guide. This tractor ride will be about one hour and we’ll first take a look at…”
We didn’t hear the rest. Rüdiger and I looked at each other with our mouths dropped. Then we burst out laughing. One hour?! What about Renate?
Up and down the hills we went, looking at cows and horses and pigs. It would have been a long and boring ride, but there were four toddlers that kept running around. One climbed up next to me and tried to blow up a balloon. I’m pretty sure more slobber was coming out of his mouth than air. And it definitely wasn’t going inside the balloon. I was laughing the whole tractor ride. So darn cute.
Once we finally got back, Renate was sweet, even though she was bored. If Spencer left me for an hour long tractor ride all my by myself at a barn, I would not have been a happy camper. I’d be a grizzly bear. My patience for such things are minimal.

But we grabbed some food, got some drinks, and had a rad time. So many people were there. I loved seeing all of these people come together.

Here are the other pictures of our lovely Cheese Mountain.

After our Hofberg adventure, we drove another fifteen minutes to a small city called Eutin. Our ride to Eutin was beautiful. So many lakes, so many trees.

We passed a lake to get to the castle in Eutin. But on our way, we spotted these three friends playing with their remote control sail boats. This is how I picture Spencer as an old man. Hahaha. I absolutely love this moment.

 Thanks, Leslie, for being my model for the day.


 Oo, I like this one where she’s looking at you straight in the face. That silly seagull.

 Another favorite thing about Europe. Plants and windows.

 The castle! When we got to the castle grounds, we saw a huge Mittelalterfest (Middle Ages festival). None of us knew there would be a festival—what a great surprise.

The costumes didn’t exactly go with Middle Ages theme, but whatever.

 We walked through the different stands and into the castle’s courtyard. Gasp. I love that apricot orange painted on the walls.

“It looks like a building in the Mediterranean,” Rüdiger said.

 Thanks for the pic, Rüdiger.

 Renate and Rüdiger. When I was freaking out about getting everything ready for Germany, Rüdiger emailed me to make plans for the summer trip with the governor, etc. etc. Somewhere in there he stuck a smiley face in the email. After that I told myself every time I started freaking out, K, Anne, breathe, you are going to a safe place where people put smiley faces in their emails. Whatever works to calm yourself down, I guess. Even if it is a digital smiley face. Ha!

 I don’t care how small and boring the city is. If it has a courtyard and a fountain, I’m there.

 And umbrellas.

Such a wonderful, wonderful day. Thank you so much, Rüdiger and Renate! I seriously got lucky to work with just awesome people.

Not that this is interesting or anything, but I also did my laundry on Sunday. Here’s how I dry my clothes. What up.