Day 28.

I wake up at 9:30 on Sunday, which means I am 15 minutes late to church. Crap. I lie in bed for 5 minutes contemplating the pros and cons of going to church. If I go to church, I will have gone out for the day. If I stay home, I can sleep. If I go to church, I may get invited to do something cool this week. If I stay home, I can sleep.

I got up. Groan. Take the bus. Get there for the last hour and a half of church.

I pray for the first time in German.

When relief society ends, Jack (American, from BYU, also doing an internship) walks up to me.

“So, I’m thinking we should do a movie night every Friday at the RIZ,” he says.

My face.

“YES! Please!”

“I asked Brother Margett if they had a DVD at the RIZ, and he said we could use the projector!”

My mouth drops. “Nuh uh. Yes. We are doing this. I can invite my roommate and her friends too. They’re super fun. And Nina, and Anna, and, oh my gosh.”

“I know, right! There’s someone from Israel moving into the ward this week. I’ll ask my roommate and this guy from work. And Morteza too.”

I start hopping up and down. Movie night!

“What movie should we watch?” he says.

“The Incredibles,” I say. Favorite Disney movie.

“Hey I know a good movie!” Elder Larsen comes up. “How about The Restoration!”

We stare at him blankly. Then go back to our plans.

“Yes! The Incredibles!” Jack says. “Okay, we are totally going to do this.”

“Yes. We are.”

Heck freaking yes, Jack!

So yes. Pray that we have a turn out this week. And there will be candy and sweets and just a party!

If not, I’ll make invites and give them out next Monday and Wednesday during FHE and Institute so people know this is legit. It’ll be rad.

Church was definitely a pro and not a con. Yay Jack for being the American extravert!

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  1. I skip a day looking at your blog and there are suddenly several posts. I’m wondering if we should start calling you Sister Allen, since you are making more contacts than the full-time missionaries. Good job, Anne.

    Movie night with THE RESTORATION? Is that guy mad? This reminds me of when we used to have Ward Shows once a week on Friday nights at Emigration Ward. My father was in charge and the films (real films) came to our house. Ward shows were fabulous. Yours will be too.

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