One of the good things about being with a friend is that you can demand them to take pictures of you. It’s also rad when they have their own good camera.  
First stop: Farmer’s Market at Exerzierplatz.

Baby loves flowers loves baby.

 Orange umbrellas.

 These women look so German to me. How do you describe that look? I love the woman’s orange coat and her scarf that matches the flowers in front of her.

 Hi, fall.

After our trip to Exerzierplatz, we took a ferry to Laboe, a sweet little tourist town at the beach. I have never been, so it was an adventure for the both of us.

Thanks, Sandra, for the close up ring picture. I haven’t had a picture of my ring close up. I miss my hubs.

I enjoyed my beach time by sleeping.

Have I told you how much I love visitors?
After the beach, we shop shop shopped and bought nothing, except Sandra, who bought a scarf for 5 euro. It looks so cute on her. I looked for pullovers, because I don’t really own any. I found one cream-colored pullover from H&M that looked really cute and fit me perfect, but it was itchy. On Monday I’ll go back to the mall and grab some perfume (that was only 2.75 and smelled like heaven) and consider buying a pair of brown high heel boots. I just can’t decide! I already have two brown boots, but my high heel ones are starting to hurt when I wear them. Mom, I need you to come make decisions for me.
Check them out. Should I buy them? They’re 29 euros.
(Day 55)


  1. Buy that boot!

  2. Buy them!

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