Day 43.

Yesterday I went with Friedhelm, and two other interns to the Staatssekretärrunde, where the state secretaries of the ministers (of science, education, technology, etc.) come together and talk about the issues that will be discussed the next day in the Kabinettsitzung with the ministers and the governor. They go through the issues and talk about solutions so that in the Kabinettsitzung the governor and ministers won’t be there forever trying to think up solutions, but will be able to be more productive. Everyone was quieter and welcome to hear other opinions with each other. It was a very different atmosphere than in the Landtag. It was awesome to get a glimpse of the behind-the-scene work.

I walked over to the water and sat on the dock for a bit before my bus came. I need to live by water. I just need to live by water.

 The sun was bright.

Fall. Fall. Fall.

At Family Home Evening Morteza (from Iran) was there, along with Saher who is from Israel that just got back from visiting his family. The rest were the elders and sisters.

The sisters gave the lesson. They asked all of us to pick a scripture they liked and write it on the board. My favorite right now is Mosiah 2:1-8 (auf deutsch) (in English). Once we picked it, we had to read it out loud and tell everyone how you can take that into your own life. I told them mine was about the people coming to hear King Benjamin’s words. Then I read 2 and 8:

2: “And there was a great number, even so many that they did not number them; for they had multiplied exceedingly and waxed great in the land.”

8: “And it came to pass that he began to speak to his people from the tower and they could not all hear his words because of the greatness of the multitude; therefore he caused that the words which he spake should be written and sent forth among those that were not under the sound his voice, that they might also receive his words.”

I said I loved these scriptures because I want to be like these people, who built tents around the temple and traveled far so that they could hear the words of King Benjamin. I said I want to be this eager to hear the teachings of the prophet or to read the scriptures. Freaking love King Benjamin and those good people!

Elder Margetts talked about his grandson and how the first time he went to general conference he was so excited to see the prophet. He said that has always been a reminder to him to be eager to listen to the prophet.

After our lesson we went upstairs and ate sloppy joes. I hate sloppy joes. But I ate two of them and loved every bit of those American sloppy joes. Num num. Then Sister Margetts brought out the dessert. Ice cream, raspberries, crumbled graham crackers (or a substitute German cookies) and whipped cream. Mouth watering.

I rode home with the sisters and stopped at their place so Sister Rimmasch could put some WD40 on my rusty gears. She told me I’m missing a nut on the back of the bike, which is why my bike is making so much rattling noises. I’ll have to take it in sometime this week to get that piece.

And there was Monday. (I’M CAUGHT UP!)