Day 41.

After a long long Friday, I needed a Saturday alone.

I woke up at 9 and fiddled around with my own stuff. I cleaned, listened to music, sat on my balcony, and enjoyed the essence of not doing anything. Sigh.

Around 1 Maria and I went to Aldi and then to Günther, the bakery up the street. I grabbed four brötchen and avoided the schoko-croissants.

Maria asked what I like to do.

I write a lot, I say.


Short stories, blogs, journal. I want to write a book, I say.

What else?

I really love photography. I’m not very good, but I have a good camera and use it almost every day. I need to practice more.

What else?

Ummm, I go boating a lot now that I’m married, I can now water board and I love that. I do like basketball and volleyball. Umm, I love hiking and going to Moab. I really love rock climbing.

I nodded. Your turn. I say.

Basketball, volleyball, tennis, hiking—any sports. I played a lot of basketball before I started me doctorate. It’s just hard to find time, you know?

Yeah, for sure.

I really like to be outdoors. Lots of walking and running, too.

She nods to say she’s finished.

When we get home we talk about Poland and America. We talk about going to different countries. We talk about how every nationality has a look and name off different countries and try to describe the look.
A half hour later we grab pizza with Maria’s friend Ella.

Later I take the bus down to the state chancellery and grab my bike that I left the night before. I ride next to the water and stop to see the man in the aquarium feed the seals. People are laughing, jumping up and down, and clapping their hands. When he finishes, we all pretend to not know each other again and walk away.

I ride up the Holtenauer and go through each little store. I check the best prices for drawer handles. I sit in Kaufrausch again and flip through notebooks. I look at leather shoes and leather bags. Three men give out fliers and shopping cart coins for the Piraten Partei. I know one of the guys and I know we’re on ‘du’ terms, but I cannot for the life of me know where I know him. I pass him on my bike and we make eye contact. I walk past him again to go to a shoe store. We make eye contact. He walks pass the shoe store while I’m in there. Gosh, freaking. I walk out in front of him. He stops.

“We know each other.”

“Yes, you’re Anne, right?”

“Yes. Who are you?”

“I’m Malte.”

…Yeah, still not ringing a bell.

“From institute.”

“OHHH. From church!”

Jeez. I saw the political party stand, saw his face, and just couldn’t figure out where I’d seen him. I thought for sure we had just seen each other in passing in Landtag or something, but I was sure that we had already talked and we had both said “du” to each other.

He gave me two orange shopping cart coins and I was off on my bike again.

I had a 6pm Skype date with my mom, so I rushed home. It was the first time we have talked to each other (orally, haha) since I left. Ohh, mommy! It was so good to talk. Dad was there too. I told her all of the things I can’t write on my blog (oh, now don’t you feel left out! Haha) and all the things you just blab about to your mom and it felt soooo good.

At 7 I talked with Spencer for a long, long time. Much longer than usual. Lots of laughing, joking, flirting, story-telling. Much fun.

I also took two pictures of some scriptures, if you want to check them out. Haha. I love having the scriptures on my iphone. It rocks.