Day 42.
After church on Sunday Friedhelm and Linda picked me up to go to the beach. I met their daughter Luisa who wasn’t shy and talked with me during the whole ride. I saw glimpses of Mira in her, which made me sad, yet comfortable to be there.

It was not a sunny Hawaii day on the beach. It was dark, cloudy, and sprinkled rain once in a while. I brought my swimsuit but didn’t put it on. Friedhelm jumped in the water with Luisa and the other girls from their family friends. Lots of little girls and screaming and jumping around.

We laid a blanket on the sand and ate different kinds of meat, cheese, and fish. I drank apple juice.
Linda and I walked down the beach and looked for volcanic rocks that had a holes in them.
“It’s good luck to find one. I’ve never been able to find one.”
We couldn’t find one.

 Wilhelm and Friedhelm (in red)

 I laid my head back in a Strandkorb and drifted off. I liked the cool breeze on my face as I bundled up.

Friedhelm and Wilhelm talked politics. I pretended to be four again and didn’t try to understand. Sunday is a day of rest, even for the mind.

When we finished, Friedhelm drove me to the RIZ where I made dinner with Sister Veselka and Rimmasch, Elder Larsen and Dospil, and Elder Paul and Elder Casper. We looked in the cupboards and tried to find something for a spaghetti sauce. Sister Veselka made fried zucchini.

After an hour we sat down to eat our spaghetti masterpiece. Elder Larsen prayed in German but the rest of the time we talked in English.

We laughed. We laughed so hard. I laughed harder than when I watch New Girl.

Elder Larsen told me about Bronies, a group of men who collect My Little Ponies. Yes, creepy. Someone in our ward is apparently a Brony. Like, there’s even brony conventions, people!

Holy crap. I just realized I’ve heard of them. ETHAN! Ethan from high school used to always talk about bronies. Oh. My. Gosh. Ethan. Ethan is a brony. I know a brony. Ethan used to watch… oh my gosh, Ethan! Hahahaha.

The definition of a brony, according to Urban Dictionary, even with a made up conversation:

And the German brony-blog. Oh my gosh.

Then we talked about our worst mistakes so far in German.

Elder Larsen’s was pretty funny. He was speaking in front of a large group of people. They said nothing about his mistake until he finished. Then someone whispered it to him and started laughing at him.

“The first two men who lived on the Earth were Adam and Eve.”

Elder Casper was asked to say the closing prayer after a dinner appointment, but in the middle of the prayer he forgot the family’s name.

“Thank you for the….” Instead of trying to cover it up with ‘this lovely family’ or anything, he mumbled and started to whisper as he said their name, hahaha.

“Thank you for the whizuwhizuwhizu for letting us come over to their home…”

When he said Amen, no one else said amen. Hahahahaha.

And Elder Dospil’s former companion was the best.

“In order to get baptized, you have to make small sexual sins.”

Just littles one. No big.

It was a good day. I couldn’t talk to Spence because he was at church, but I did get to say hello to my family again and even to my brothers. Love love.
I’m glad that I can still crack up my brothers once in a while. 

While I’m looking at my random Skype pictures, I’ll just start putting a bunch of random pics of Spence up:

Cute Spence. And do you see the Star Wars poster hung up in our bedroom? Ha, oh my gosh I’m going to die. 🙂

Catching Spencer before he goes to church.
My brother and the cousins talking about legos and other boy stuff with Spencer.

Paintballing. 🙂
Dorky Spencer with his sis.