Day 30.

All I can remember about last Tuesday was I went to IKEA. It was cloudy outside. Dreary. I knew I needed to get out and do something, but didn’t feel like riding my bike. After work, I took the bus in front of my apartment to IKEA. 

My reason for going to IKEA was that I have been living without sheets. When I packed for Germany, my biggest concern was whether or not I should bring sheets. Everyone was of the opinion that there would be some there, so I didn’t pack them. After my flight from Salt Lake to France, I shoved the red felt Delta blanket in my backpack, just in case.

Which was a good idea. I needed that blanket when I was bawling my head off in the airport after I missed my flight and had seven good hours to think about saying goodbye to Spencer. I slept on my backpack and tried to make myself comfortable on two airport chairs with metal armrests. I covered myself up with the blanket, but too many people were walking by. I walked upstairs where EVERYONE was and sat on a chair in front of customs, so I would have to force myself not to cry–unless I wanted to cry in front of everyone. I got bored of sitting there, which is when I walked over to that byotch at the jewelry shop and asked where the bathroom was. Not a happy lady. 

So I walked downstairs again, peed, found a quiet spot, and lay down. I fell asleep, but woke up every 25 minutes to check the clock. Finally it was time for me to go to my gate… WHERE I ALMOST MISSED MY FLIGHT AGAIN. People. I asked three different airport employees where my gate was and they all said the same thing. Which is where I sat. 

But as I sat at my wrong gate, I talked to this Vietname guy is studying in France and visiting his cousins in Hamburg. He was also going to Hamburg, so I’m not completely dumb for not knowing where my gate was. He had pretty bad English and I had pretty bad French. Vietnamese was not a choice on the language attempt list.

Realizing that no one around us was going to Hamburg, we ran to another employee, then darted down the stairs and caught the last bus that would take us to the plane. If I had missed that plane, I might have just said “screw it” and taken a plane back home. Done with this! 

Back to my sheets. I have been sleeping on that red velvet blanket with some pretty ugly bed spreads from Aldi. It was time to spend a little money on comfort. But when I got to IKEA, all of the bed spreads were so cute and I found an orange and white striped one. I. Want. It. Think about all of the bright blue pillows you could put on it! And a black and white polka dot throw! Gah! I decided that if Spencer comes to visit me, I’ll buy it so that we can have two blankets.

So that was my Tuesday adventure. I bought sheets. The best.