Day 44. Tuesday.

New Girl.

Day 45. Wednesday.

We ended our summer institute and will begin with the school year institute. We’re starting the Book of Mormon. Uwe gave us a giant textbook about it and I am way excited. I’ve been reading like crazy lately because I’ve been taking the bus and not my bike to work. Lots of time to read. I finished Mosiah and am now going through the long Alma trek.

AKA Don’t hate on anyone who doesn’t believe the same as you do. I like Alma already.

It was a bigger(ish) crowd at institute. Jack and Saher were there. Anna was there for the first bit until she went home early. The missionaries came for dinner.

I washed the dishes afterward while Sister Margetts yelled at me to go home. It’s dark! she said. It’s late! You need to go home!

I yelled at her back. No! I’m not leaving you here to do all of the dishes! No. No! I’m not leaving, no!

Day 46. Thursday.

On Thursday I felt lonely. Svenja has been in Vienna, so being home feels weird. Maria is busy a lot. Spencer and I were finally able to talk after four days. That’s a long time.

Thursday morning I woke up early to ride my bike to the bakery. I grabbed my brötchen for the day, put the cute little bag in my basket, and rode home. Why do simple things make us so happy?

I spent the whole day trying to register in Kiel (I don’t know how to say that in English right now) and do all the stuff for my visa. It was ridiculous. The first time I needed Josa and Herbert’s address–where I lived formerly in Germany. I don’t understand why they needed that, but they did.

Before I left, I said, “So are all of my other documents correct?”

The lady checked through each other. Yep, they’re all correct.

I remembered everything in the address except the street name, so I took the bus back to work and looked on google maps.

And rode back.

“Umm, this isn’t the right document for your rent contract.”

It was a different lady.

I pointed to the lady that had told me it was correct and said, “She said it’s right.”

She looked at it again. “No. This isn’t correct. You must have the contract somewhere around your house.”

I hate when people say that. It’s gotta be in your room at home somewhere. Shut up.

So I called Petra and said there was no way I’d be able to go back to work. She laughed at me. I left work saying, “Hopefully it won’t take that long.” And she went, “Uhhh, I’d bring a book.” She was right. A very long book.

So I took the bus home, gave myself 10 minutes to breathe, and went back to the town hall. Finally, people. Finally.

Somewhere in there a pigeon hit me in the face. Like, my face touched a pigeon. Like, the pigeon flew up from the sidewalk and hit me in the face and didn’t even care I was there.

I had a freak out mode on the street. Lots of screaming and hand-waving. Then I looked around and pretended to be a normal person again.

Stupid pigeon.

Day 47. Friday.

I woke up again and rode over to the bakery. I didn’t sit on my seat because it had been rained on. I bought two knackfrisches Brot and one poppyseed danish for breakfast. Delicious.

At 4:30 the sister missionaries met at my house and we rode to the man’s house that they have been teaching.

I’ll be the pessimist again. I don’t know where it’s going. He is really lonely and seems like he just wants to have visitors over. It’s sad because you want to help him, but the missionaries can’t keep taking the time out of their schedule if he won’t come to church or try to read the scriptures or anything. They have to keep doing their job and take that time for someone who is willing to listen.

The sister missionaries asked him last week (when I wasn’t there) to read a few verses of the Book of Mormon. He hadn’t read them, so we read them together and talked about it. It was in Alma 32, where it talks about having the desire to believe and having to work to know. You can’t just say “Yeah, I believe” and get a testimony and know the church is true. Not even us who were born into the church. You have to work for it. You have to do something.

He asked us if we thought our church was the only true church in the world. I answered. Yes. I believe it with all my heart.

He asked me why, so I bore my testimony. I told him that there is a huge change in my life when I read the Book of Mormon. There is great power in reading the scriptures. I am a truly happier person and my days truly are better when I read each day. I told him I have received an answer after reading it all the way through at fourteen. I knelt down and prayed and I stood up knowing very well that it was true.

He wanted to know how it felt. How did you just know? What did you feel? So I told him that every bit of me was warm inside and I was comforted and my mind could only say one thing that was, This is true. I started choking up in my throat when I started talking, but I didn’t cry.

He sat there in silence and just stared at me.

And then we read the scriptures more. We asked if he’d come to church this Sunday and he said he’d have to think about it.

Will he ever say to us, “Stop coming?”

I was so worried to go in there and first. If I have learned anything about missionary work while being here, it is that it is frustrating(!!!) but it is so worth it. It’s so scary to go into someone’s house and not know if they’re going to challenge you to a debate or just think you’re a bunch of loonies. But I have realized that there is no reason to be scared. Everything about this is right and good and the spirit is with us. When I answered his question, I felt the spirit so strongly. I felt it everywhere inside of me. I knew what I was saying was only good.

After the appointment, I rode to Sky and picked up some yummy stuff. I was craving fruit.

I bought:

a box of raspberries
a can of peaches
Teewurst (It’s meat spread. Like, just like cream cheese, you spread this meet on your bread. The weirdest thing ever but I kind of like it.)
tuna fish (also a spread)
a baguette

and… I can’t remember the rest. I went home and ate the whole box of raspberries. They are so yummy. My mouth is watering just thinking of them.

So I want to write a post about all this political system stuff, cause it’s way fun. Diagramms are just fun. 🙂 Hey! I could make an infographic! I’ve never made one of those before… Nah. It seems too hard. I need to learn Illustrator before I do that.

I love work. I just keep learning and learning. My research paper is also really fun. Things are fab around here.

I should go out and take pics today, huh? Ugggggggh, it’s cloudy though. That can’t stop me! I need to do it! Buuuuuh.

It’s Petra’s birthday today. I love Petra.

Bis dann.