Day 38.

The temperature has finally dropped to discomfort without a jacket. My feet and nose are pink. I wear my hood when it’s not raining. I scrunch my hands under my arms.

I ride my bike home from work and Petra picks me up. We go see Parsifal.

I make friends with another horse in the stable. He is yellow with white hair. I think the white-haired horses are so beautiful. I stroke his nose and when I start to walk away, he nudges me. “Don’t leave yet!” he says. So I stand there and stroke him and when he sniffs my pockets, I remind him I have no treats.

We take Parsifal in the Halle (I can’t for the life of me think of the word in English) where it is a few degrees warmer. Petra and I sit in the corner while Henrike and four others ride their horses. Parsifal is stubborn today. He wants to do what he wants to do. I don’t blame him. Everyone needs their stubborn days.

Petra and I talk about enchiladas and tortillas and quesadillas. I love quesadillas. I miss Spencer making me quesadillas. I miss Spencer feeding me.

Because I worked full-time over the summer while Spencer studied, I woke up early to go running and then made lunch for Spencer and me. When I got home at 6, 7, 8, Spencer would make dinner. It was the best set up. When I get back, we will both be work part time and go to school full-time again. That means lousy cooking. Even lousier than now.

Petra, Clara, Henrike and I go to Sky, the bigger grocery store. I buy tortillas, two tomatoes, milk, one cucumber, bread, salsa, a frozen pizza, and two things of yoghurt.

At home I wait for the oven to preheat. I’m starving. I eat a thing of yoghurt as fast as I can. It is so fat, that yoghurt. Yummy, yummy. Maria comes out of her room. She talks about her day. She found a new library to study at. She went downtown with her other friends from Poland. It takes about a half hour to walk there, she says. That’s not too bad. But I’m still glad I have my bike.

I tell her about work. I have to write summaries of these events for work. I am attending a meeting with the state finance committee tomorrow. I need to start making points for my research paper.

I don’t wait for a sign for the oven to be done preheating. I don’t know what sign I am waiting for. I stick the pizza in. Another ten minutes. Starving.

We talk about Svenja, who is with her best friends in Vienna. Vienna is my favorite city in Europe. So far, at least. Aachen is a close second.

The pizza is done. Finally. I take it upstairs and stare at the computer.