Day 25 (again).

Last Thursday was not completely bummish.

I published my post and realized I had a super fun thing to tell you (well at least I think so)!
 I skyped with Sophie(!!) who is no longer little Sophie, but grown up, make-up wearing, dyed hair, run away to England for a few weeks Sophie! I about died. Yeah. I died. 

And then she took me downstairs to the whole family where I saw Oma. Oma. Oma. Oma. Oma.

“Wann kommst du!” she asked. When are you coming?

I don’t know if it was my cheeks scrunching my eyes or my emotions gone wild, but I was totally choking up.

 And then Opa!

Hearing platt-deutsch again was like listening to my favorite 90s song on the radio. All of these small, wonderful things that I missed so much.

“You think I’m a dangerous driver, Anne! Dat bin ich nit!” He scolded me with a smile.

Josa! Josa and I talked about when I am coming out to see them. Only a few more weeks and I will be out there for a long weekend.
I was warm and fuzzy inside. I love these people. Marie was shy and hid behind the computer where I couldn’t see her. I’ll have to greet her with a big bear hug. No time to be shy around me, Miss Marie. The girl who made me walk down with her to dance class. The girl who asked me to go with her to violin lessons (or was it piano?). The girl who sat on my bed after school and ate chocolate with me. 
Yippi for happy moments, like Skyping with a wonderful family.