Day 34.
On Saturday a group from the state chancellery competed in the “Drachenboot” or “Dragon boat” race. I was expecting some dragons that looked like from the Middle Ages (like the black one from Disney’s Sleeping Beauty. Ultimate European dragon. Haha!), but it was a Chinese, red and green and gold dragon boat race.
We wore purple. The other colors were taken.
Thanks to my co-worker Roland (who walked with Petra and me through the mud), I got one picture of me with Petra and Sunna.
My co-worker, Sunna, asked me if I could take the pictures. After the governor’s summer trip, it was obvious that my Rebel T4i was my baby. I rejoiced. It was my first time I got to take pictures for work.
Sunna, Petra, and I brought the food in a giant cart. Bananas, nutrition bars, apples, Fritz-apple juice, and water (without carbonation, thank goodness).  The nice thing about working with the food is that when the event is over… you get to take some home. Hooray for free food!
I love that Sunna is blonde and is named Sunna. Sunny Sunna. And I love that Z sound at the beginning of her name. Zoooona.
We were lucky with another sunny day. My first month has actually been sunny. Now let’s survive through the next three cloudy months.
And onto Sunday, my friends.