Day 27.

I did not take any pictures on Saturday.


In fact, my SaturDAY was quite lame. I woke up at 11:30, people! I slept in that long. And then I got on the computer. And sat there. Forever. I think at like 6 Svenja went to Aldi and I went with her, just so I could tell myself that I went outside. Buuuuum!

I did talk to my mama on Facebook, which was super nice.

“I’m bored, Mom.”

“Too bad you can’t have a girl’s night with the sister missionaries,” she said.

“I know and I’m totally craving a girl’s night. There is one girl from church I could call…”

“DO IT!”

“Noooo, mommy!!”

I tried calling that girl (Nina), but my freaking phone wouldn’t turn on! Actually, I was pushing the wrong button to turn it on… Herbert had to send me this picture, which made me feel like ultimate
stupidhead, hahaha.

“Push that button.” Nope, that’s too hard for me. 

But Svenja’s birthday party was that night and a lot of people came over.

I stayed and sat in Svenja’s room, even when the big crowd went on the balcony or in the kitchen. I’m better in smaller crowds. Around 1am someone asked me if I had to wake up early in the morning. No, I said.

“Oh, then do you just not drink very much?”

Which, of course, led to everything.

Then a guy named Torben said, “What’s going to happen when I die?”

And that led to EVERYTHING everything.

So I pretty much told four people about the Plan of Salvation around 1 in the morning at a party . I even tried to just give a quick answer, but they wanted to hear the whole thing. In the middle of me talking about the millennium (I know, I went through THE WHOLE THING), I was like, “You guys, we can talk about something else,” but they were like, no, go on. So there you go. Sometimes it’s nice to be weird.