Day 37.

Tuesday. Last Tuesday. Gosh, I’m so behind. Why can’t I keep up?

Well, the problem is, I have Wednesday and Thursday written up. So once I get this post up, I’ll have two more right after.

It took me so long to write about Tuesday because I don’t remember anything about my Tuesday. Nothing. No journal entries. No pictures. No nothing.

But I did have my internet history. And from that, I am assuming that I finished season 2 of New Girl. It’s kind of a stupid show. I got into it like two years ago and thought Zooey Deschanel was so cute, and then I took a long break. But when you’re stranded in a different country on a Saturday afternoon, sometimes it’s nice to watch some crappy TV. So it looks like on Tuesday I finished it.

Every time I watched it, I laughed my butt off. I laughed so hard that I took my pillow and laughed into it so my neighbors wouldn’t hear. I laughed so freaking hard.

So anyway.

Tuesday internet history:

1. Banana Frittata Recipe –
2. europe american bra size – Google Search
3. Bra Size Converter
4. Watch New Girl Season 2, Episo…
5. Watch New Girl Season 2, Episo…
6. Watch New Girl Season 2, Episo…
(repeat 2 more times)
7. when does new girl season 3 start – Google Search
8. Anne Louise: Living without sheets.
9. neuschwanstein castle – Google Search
10. Google Maps
11. The TOP 100 sights and attractiv… any – travel, breaks, holidays
12. is zooey deschanel married – Google Search
13. Zooey Deschanel – Wikipedia
14. why did zooey deschanel divorce – Google Search
15. Zooey Deschanel – IMDb
16. the deschanel family – Google Search
17. does zooey deschanel get mad – Google Search
18. Zooey Deschanel “Overwhelmed” by Angry Internet – YouTube
19. Ikea fall 2013 – Daily Dream Decor (blog)
21. Chill Weekend. Cool Movies. – One Magpie (blog)


My Skype history on Tuesday:

Megan: Call 1 hours 12 minutes

I love Megan. I love Megan. I love Megan.

So there!