Days 65 to 73.
FYI, the last day is 125. On day 126, I fly back.
I walked up to the bus station. He saw me first, but I saw him only a few seconds after. We were in front of each other, maybe 20 steps away. Big grins. Big, big grins. I ran up to him and held on to his neck. And didn’t let go for a long, long time. Somewhere in there we got a kiss or two. He gave me a rose. I giggled like a twelve-year-old. 
“This feels like a dream,” I said. “I’m gonna wake up and you’ll be gone.”
“Nope. I’m right here,” he said. 
I laughed the whole way home. I have forgotten how much he makes me laugh. Laugh, laugh, laugh.
At home he gave me a present:

No! Way! Super woman journal. I’m serious, people. I just want to finish writing in my other journal so I can write in this. So excited.
We went to Sky to get a few things to eat. Here is a list of things Spencer wanted from the grocery store:
-Oettinger Malzbier (alcohol-free beer: the kind he drank with his companions)
-Picoballa (chewy Haribo candy)
-Fred Ferkel (pink marshmallow-y Haribo candy)
-Banana juice
-Pistacchio flavored Müller milk (chocolate for me)
-Kinder Eggs
Spencer was dead. By 4pm, it took me everything to keep him awake. 

The next day we saw Kiel. Here’s Spence and his studly self in front of the Rathaus.

And I have no idea what this is, but Spencer ran up to it and said, “Oh my gosh, this is from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets!”

We stopped for food at a Döner place, where Spence ordered a Jumbo Dürum. We didn’t exactly understand the term “Jumbo.”

That thing looks tiny compared to Spence’s Jumbo Dürum, but I still couldn’t finish it.

Then the boats and water.

Spence was kind of in love with this old boat. Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of the whole thing of it. What was I thinking?

Breakfast: Apples (thanks to Svenja), homemade Scokocroissants (kudos to Sandra for showing me Blätterteig), Vita Malz for Spencer, and milk for me.

Spencer’s scowl, breakfast, and I’d just like you to compliment my blue and white bed sheets because I love them. (You can ignore that other one–it’s not that cute)

Story: I lost my phone in a bus.
Thought it was gone forever. Called the bus office to see if someone turned it in–nothing.
Days later, Spence and I got a call from Gayla, asking if we were okay.
“…Yes, why?”
Gayla told us she got a random call (at 4am her time) from someone in Kiel, but they couldn’t understand them and just hung up.
I started hopping up and down, because this MUST mean that someone had my phone. Gayla gave me the number (poor Gayla and Lloyd–random calls at 4am are not fun) and I called back.
“Hello, Cabana Rodizio, how can I help you?”
The crap? “Umm, hi, my parents from the U.S. just got a call from this number.”
“…Oh. Yes. One second.”

A nice lady got on the fun. “Hello?”
“Hello, my name is Anne. My parents from the U.S. got a call from this number and I wondered if you knew something about my phone.”
“Oh, thank God! You speak German!”
“Yes, yes, I do.”
“Is your name Spencer,” she said, like she just ate something bad.
“No, no, that’s my husband’s name. I’m Anne.”
“Ah, that fits. We have your phone here. We called the police. Do you have time to stop by today? Come on in and I’ll explain everything to you.”

Spencer and I got ready and left to find the restaurant. We met the woman there.
So here’s the story. A regular, who has been coming in for seven years or so, came in the day before and ordered some food. When he was done, he told the waitress (the nice woman), that he forgot his wallet. Since he was a regular, she didn’t think anything about it, but asked that he’d leave something valuable here so he’d come back to pay. So…. he left his iPhone.

And after several hours had gone by, the waitress started getting weirded out. So all she did was click on the button to see the homescreen… Where she saw a picture of a girl and a guy in front of a sunset, neither of them being HIM.

So of course she went through all of the applications trying to find something that could show that it was actually his phone, but of course, none of it was.

So she called the police, the police picked the phone up, and I went and picked it up. Crazy.

So yes, there’s my cheesy smile with my phone.

More pictures of boats and big boobed mermaids.

We couldn’t figure out this kayaking ball game, but it was still entertaining to watch.

We went and got Fischbrötchen, thanks to Petra for showing me the place weeks before. Spencer got the Red Whine Herring Brötchen, and I got the Frikadelle. We also bought Fritz drinks.

We went to the mall and ordered some delicious ice cream. Spencer loves the Spaghetti ice cream. I got three different flavors and didn’t really like any of them, except the chocolate one. The mint one was no bueno, which is usually my favorite type. Not like you need to know this information, but, I mean it’s quite rare that I don’t like ice cream. I do wish that America would have fancy ice cream places that would have these classy glass cups. We just don’t get that kind of royal ice cream treatment in the U.S.

Upside down world map. Spencer wanted me to take a picture of it.

I wish I could record everything that comes out of Spencer’s mouth and use it for a comedy show.
Also, I learned the most random things about him this week. I need to write them all down.

We took a ferry to Laboe and walked around. I’m in love with this house.

Okay, so we’re walking down the street and we see these odd looking paper machet formations that kind of look like dinosaurs or something. Spencer says, “Ick, these things creep me out, I can’t look at them.” and I say, “Wait a minute, all of their heads are pointing to something… What are they looking at?”

THAT! CREEPIEST THING ON THE PLANET! Spencer ran away. I just, kind of, kept looking. 
It’s some kind of exhibition that I may go back to when I have the time. I kind of like creepy things.
Look how darn cute he is! So, so cute!

Then a bird pooped on me. 
Within 30 seconds of each other. 
One on my leg, one on my head. 
I have officially been pooped on. This has never happened to me before.
Spencer’s wind blowing face.
Anne’s wind blowing face.

More checking out the city.

We took a bus from Kiel to Berlin to hang out with Greg and the kids. (Ha! I added a link to Greg, showing when I have written about him in the history of Anne’s blog. Pretty darn funny.) 
Greg, Chantel and Co. are my best family friends. Greg was my first boss, the first guy to take me to a concert, my music junkie friend, and the guy who helped me with my German homework in middle school. Greg wrote me in German during my exchange and took me out to lunch where we could speak German when I got back. He called me Annika and I called him Gwek. Greg is a bishop in Germany and none of us are surprised, because it’s Greg, the nicest guy you’ll ever know. 
It was so good to see him and we missed Chantel like crazy. Chantel was also like my second mom growing up. If my mom wasn’t around, I’d run over to her house for any help, like prom makeovers, emergency haircuts, and so forth. She gave me (holy crap, I am tearing up) self-confidence boosters during karaoke nights, and kept hugging me and hugging me before I left for Germany the first time. If something needed to be done, she told you how it could be done and helped you do it. 
ANYWAY. If everything works out, I’ll get to see them again in November.
But this picture is waiting for the train in the U-bahn. It all just stinks, like subways are supposed to stink. At least there aren’t giant rats like in New York subways. Bleck.

Berlin in the fall is beautiful. Anything in the fall is beautiful.

Spencer likes construction posters.

Marienkirche and the Fernsehturm.

The Neptunbrunnen: The Neptune Fountain

We went into the DDR Museum, which Oh. My. Gosh. It was amazing. You all have to go. It was so awesome and interesting and interactive.

The Trabi.

So this little television screen thing was used by the Stasis to search for people who were going to events or whatever that they were illegal to go to. They’d hide cameras inside people’s bags and what not and then look through the pictures and track down their faces. 

A guy wrote in this journal about all the things he couldn’t get each day in East Germany. The text says it includes things like cheese, pans, guitar strings, toilet paper, etc. 
Rough day for me.

Then the cathedral. Man, that thing is beautiful.

The Brandenburger Tor. 

You have no idea how many pictures it took to get a picture of us next to it. A girl even asked if we wanted her to take a picture for us, but she didn’t get the horse statues in the first picture and didn’t get the Tor in the second, so whatever. 🙂

We went to the Jewish Memorial, which I have never seen before. 

And the Bundestag, of course. I’ve been in here once with my fellow CBYXers and can’t remember what we watched or what was talked about. It was the end of the exchange and I had other things to worry about. But it is still a beautiful building and I think I might be going back here later during my internship.
Then we got to see Neukölln, where Spencer served his mission! It was so fun to walk around and see where he went to the grocery store, which streets he walked on each day, and hear mission stories again. Loved it.

His apartment. (“Princess” was the landmark.)

The main street.

A church. 🙂

Stopping for Malzbier in Neukölln.

Then we went to Kreuzberg, which was fun to see the little shops.

A guy on a bike totally hit a pedestrian and flew off his bike a few minutes after this picture was taken. The pedestrian was fine and ran up to the guy on the bike. Ouchy.

We stopped into a store that has “I love Kreuzberg” T-shirts, but Spencer was not impresse by the new designs.

These guys rocked.

Balli Döner in Neukölln again. Spencer says these are the best Döners.

More street dancers.

And of course, we found the Lego store. 
The Concert Hall in the middle and the French cathedral on the right. Love this square. The German cathedral is on the left, but it’s only shadows in the pics. 

He cracks me up.

A piece of the Berlin wall. Some guy pretending to jump over it.

“You are leaving the American sector.”

We went to the Checkpoint Charlie museum, which was also way interesting. Lots and lots of stories. My favorites were the ones that showed how people escaped East Berlin or tried to escape. 

The Charlottenburg palace. I wish we had spent more time here. So beautiful.

I’m digging that yellow.

On our last day in Berlin, we had Raclette with Greg and the kiddies. This is a traditional Greg and Chantel thing that I have thoroughly missed since they’ve been in Germany. 
On Saturday we took the bus back home to Kiel and spent the rest of the day at home, watching Sherlock (thanks to Greg for the introduction), drinking Malzbier, and cuddling as much as we could before it was time to pack and fall asleep. 
I cried, of course. I just held him and cried. Because that’s what you do when you love someone more than anything and you have to live without them. You just cry. 
That’s the thing about having awesome traveling experiences, awesome internships, awesomeness. It is lonely. Lonely. Lonely. Lonelier than you think. Lonelier than you can explain. No matter how big your smile is on your face, the best stories you have, the coolest pictures, the best of friends and co-workers–it is lonely. That’s what leaving family for an adventure is–lonely. But it changes you in the best ways. You learn so much about the world. You meet such wonderful people. It is hard and heartbreaking and good and worth it. (Yes, I am bawling my eyes out right now but it is still worth it, people! Carry on!)
We woke up at 2:30 a.m., got a taxi at 3:30 a.m., rode a bus to Hamburg at 4 a.m., and said goodbye at 5:40 a.m. 
It’s 10:20 p.m. my time and by now, I’m praying that he got on his last plane and is heading to Salt Lake.
Today was a bit of a limbo day for me, because I got home and slept til’ noon and missed church which I felt I kind of needed to make sure I had the spiritual boost for the week, but I was too exhausted. 
I’m excited to go back to work to see my co-worker peeps and hear about Petra’s week off as well. I’m also way excited about my paper. I skyped with my mom to help me format some things and I always get excited to write a paper after I’ve talked with her. She just has that English-teacher writing confidence booster. I realized a few years ago that if my family all died, I would have to leave college because I don’t think I could write papers without them. Well, I guess I’d just take drugs or something. That could help too. That’s what they tell me to do now, but why do I have to take drugs when I can call them every five minutes? 😉 Bahaha, that made me feel better. I think I can finish my post now. Yep. 
Happy Sunday.

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  1. I’m overwhelmed to see these pictures. What a feast. I remember Charlottenburg. It had the most beautiful blue and white china room. I loved that room.

    So glad you had a wonderful week together. I didn’t know Spencer was a herring man. It makes me like him even more.

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