I’m Anne. My name is simple and elegant and me.
I am a junior at the University of Utah, majoring in German and probably International Studies. I don’t like that college is a point system, but I would be lying if I said I haven’t learned anything. (Cough, I’ve learned a lot)
If I didn’t feel like it was so important to have two majors written on my resume (is it important?), I’d spend the rest of my year and a half in college taking photography, guitar, graphic design, Spanish, drawing, and hip hop classes.
…Why don’t I just do that? Someone tell me why.
My all time favorite class in college has been “Severe Weather” in the Atmospheric Sciences department. Being a meteorologist does not sound fun, though. Unless you get to be one of those scientists that fly into hurricanes.
I’m afraid that I’m allergic to Nutella.
I imagine my happy spot as sitting in front of an easel in a room with green plants hanging down from the ceilings. There is a black and white checkered floor. I imagine the room with white french doors and a side door that leads to a green house with butterflies. Do I sound like I’m five?
I love Spencer more than anything. He is my best friend. I love being the one that gets to hear his life dreams and goals and snuggle with him while watching Star Trek. He is forgiving and quick to say sorry. He serves me every day. I trust him. I’m lucky to have him.
I have this recurring dream of having to protect a baby. There’s usually bombs around, or people “coming for us” with weapons. It’s a beautiful baby, though, so I don’t mind the dreams.
I read a lot of news now, which has been my goal for a while. I read CNN, ABC, NPR, FOX, New York Times, Yahoo (their long Facebook statuses bother me), The Salt Lake Trib, and the Deseret News.
I have a bad habit of saying, “That is evil” or “That is wrong.” But the truth is, I think many things are EVIL and WRONG.
I’m always 10 bands behind what everyone else likes.
I felt the spirit when I read Ordain Women’s website. My heart swelled and I felt a strong feeling that what these women are doing is good. That was scary to feel, knowing so many people who disagree and often scoff at them. But I am at peace with this group and excited as we see small changes being made.
I’m addicted to spreadsheets and budgeting.
I don’t know if I can be a journalist anymore after what an interviewee said to me once. I told her what an awesome life she had and she said, “You do too, you get to meet cool people.” … Wait, I want to be cool too…
Guns make me feel unsafe.
I don’t know what else to say.

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  1. Dear Anne, all those things you want to be taking in college, you can easily do after. You might want Spanish, though. Even though some Americans don’t want to admit it, IT IS our second language.

    Hanging plants, French doors and black and white floors are not a child’s fantasy and it’s absolutely attainable. Maybe even the butterflies. Now if you wanted a unicorn in there too, then we’d have to slap you.

    I think the Ordain Women people are very thoughtful and you don’t need to feel guilty about liking them. You have good instincts. Follow them.

    A Nutella allergy is just plain funny. Actually, all allergies are funny, unless they’re yours.

    You are too cool for school. Sometimes, the journalists become as famous as their subjects. Why not become one of them.

    Love you to pieces. I suppose you still haven’t received the masterpiece I made for you?


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