I’m changing a few things on the blog. Super fun! The big social media buttons were just not working for me. This looks cleaner. Although I don’t know how I feel about the font I chose for making the “Follow with bloglovin” but whatever. Blog technicalities.

Thanks, you guys, for reading me. It’s weird how having a blog grows you closer to friends and families, especially those who live far away or who I don’t often see.

I officially have an Anne Louise Blog Facebook page. I made it because I wanted a yellow Facebook icon. Ha! So, if you like my Facebook page, I’ll try and make it worth your while by updating my posts there.

Either way, thank you for reading me. And thank you, others, for having blogs so I can read you.

Blog love.



  1. When you get back, I still want help with my “homemade” looking blog. Really, it’s so pathetic looking. I have no idea how to fix it and sleek it up.

    What is with the mail? I mean, really. You’re not in the Phillipines, where you have to put stickers of the Virgin Mary on your packages to keep people from stealing it.

    Or is it Fillipines? No. Both are spelled wrong. Philipines? No. Geez, I can’t even think of another spelling.

    Get lots of sleep. You know who is coming.

  2. Grandma, what things do you want help with? Send me a message and maybe I can make a pic tutorial for you.

    I am so bothered by the mail. SO bothered. Was it a package or a bigger letter? Gosh freaking.

    Philipinnes. Phillipines. Philippines. PHILIPPINES!

  3. It wasn’t a package. It was a a painted card, that I did myself and really liked and it also had 10 euros that I found in a drawer. dammit.

  4. You painted me a card? Noooooo, Grandma, it’s going to get here! Slowly but surely. It’s not lost, it’s just taking it’s sweet time. Yes. Yes. Yes.

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