You guys, you guys, you guys!

I am so excited to post pictures and describe everything to you.

What day am I on? Hm.

Anyway, yesterday we went to a minority appointment with these two guys who have studied the importance of the DDR and NATO dealing with Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) and Denmark. They’re trying to make it so that schools take more time to talk about the relationship of DDR and Denmark and Germany. That is a very vague and simple summary, but there you go.

Today Renate and Hans took me to Romo (I’m not on my computer and don’t know how to make the o with the slash though it), Tonder, and Ribe–all cities within Denmark. I’m telling you, it was amazing. Ribe is the oldest city in Denmark–year 710! 710! Tonder has the huge house full of Christmas things. It has 42 rooms inside of it. Romo is an island of Denmark and guess what? In Denmark you can drive your car right on the sand, right on the beach, all the way up to (or into) the water. Hans said he took his two sons there and let them sit in his lap and take the wheel a few times. People drive all the way up to the water on the sand and have a picnic. I mean, just think of this–a long beach (due to the shallow tide) with a bunch of cars driving around like crazy people. I mean, I wanted to take the wheel and just go crazy (okay, they weren’t going that crazy, but still!). It looked like so much fun.

Hans said Denmark has the happiest people. I have heard that about Sweden too. Them Scandinavian countries. Interesting that these two countries are known for the happiest people in the world and pay extremely high taxes for social benefits. Coincidence? I think not! But not to start a political discussion on happy people, let’s carry on.

Do you guys remember my presentation on degenerate art (entartete Kunst) in Germany during the Nazi era?

Well, guess what? I got to go to the museum (actually the house) of Emil Nolde, an expressionist painter during the nazi regime. I got to see his paintings in real life! And watch a small documentary about his life and everything and oh my gosh! It was my presentation coming to life (ish)! During the nazi regime he was not allowed to paint anymore because his stuff was too risque. For instance, there’s a painting of Adam and Eve that have pretty dark skin. No go for Hitler. Then there’s a painting of Mary and Joseph and Jesus, with Mary looking quite opposite of an aryan woman (go figure). No go for nazis. Then there’s of course a bunch of women naked painted with big boobies and cherry red nipples and the nazis were probably like, “our big boobied women don’t run around naked you perverted fool!” so that was a no go too. Nolde was not allowed to paint anymore, but he kept drawing on small pieces of papers–ones that he could quickly hide away or destroy if the gestapo came.

All over again, I remembered why I love the German culture, why I love studying the history, and even how moving art can be that even the nazis were afraid of the power artists had. It’s just beautiful to learn about Germany. I am so blessed to be with Renate and Hans and to be able to go to minority appointments with Renate, see the land of Schleswig-Holstein, understand the relationship between Denmark and Germany, and simply play a bit as well. It’s a good mix of everything.

Can you tell I’m a bit hyper? I’m loving all of this. I’m also eating like a king, which makes any poor international student happy. Learning makes me happy too.

Mom, are you reading this? Hi!

Well, friends, I am going to talk to my husband for a bit because he’s sick with a bad cold and a fever, which is absolutely no fun when you have to keep studying and working and not aloud to miss anything. Poor thing. I love him like crazy.

This isn’t my computer and I won’t be able to post pictures until Thursday night or Friday, when I get back. I hope all of you are well, you readers (who never comment. i hate you. except i never comment on anyone else’s blog. you know why? cause even though I’m not a robot, i still never get the numbers or letters right. maybe i am a robot.)

okay bye.


  1. It’s up to me to be your dark side. You might want to look up rates of suicide for countries worldwide. Denmark is unhappier than Syria, Guatemala and all those ickybeckistan countries. What’s with that?

    Always be suspicious of colorful, quaint countries. They have shadow under bellies. Your friend, Emil Nolde knew this as did the rest of the German expressionists.

    I love you and am glad that you are happy and optimistic and wonderful in every way.

  2. I’ll comment 🙂
    I love reading your blogs as often as possible. It’s so great to hear about all that you are doing and seeing.
    Stay happy and positive! Lots of people miss you back home 🙂

  3. I’m reading baby girl. Love that you are learning! Wish I could get turned on like that again. Also, you rock at writing.

  4. Nothing is better than this, Anne. You’re absorbing like a giant sponge. It’s so exciting to read what you write. I love you.

  5. Oo, grandma that is super interesting. Oo, oo, oo.

    You guys make me happy. Love love love you.

  6. Du musst unbedingt das Buch “Deutschstunde” von Siegfried Lenz lesen. Es spielt an der Westküste und erzählt die Geschichte eines Künstlers, der während des Naziregimes nicht malen durfte.

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