Days (sort of) 49 through 55.

Meeting at the Hauptbahnhof. Always so exciting.

Riding home with the missionaries. You already know Sister Rimmash on the left. Elder Casper, the weird face one, is so. darn. hilarious. I love giving him crap. It is the best. Elder Larsen with the ride tie in the back is also super funny in a calm, dry way. Saher (from Israel) is in the middle of the Elders, is also so fun. Just a rad time with all these crazy Mormon folks. 🙂

Elder Dospil is from Vienna. One time he said to Elder Casper, who was sneaking up on him but got caught, “Oh, Elder Casper, you’re so foxy.” 
He meant to say “sly” like a fox. I love that story and Elder Dospil loves telling it too. 
The missionaries in Kiel right now are the best! We really have the best crew right now. On Thursdays they have a “Dönertag” instead of “Donnerstag” and go out for Döners. Here’s some pictures of that from last Thursday (day 52)
Elder Dospil, Sister Rimmasch and Sister Veselka.


The Margetts, me, Elder Casper, Elder Larsen, Elder Dospil
Anyway, back to the weekend. After church on Sunday, Sandra and I went to a flea market near the shopping center.

I got this awesome little bag for 2 euro. I kind of like the color brown. 🙂