This is me at 6p.m. on a Monday. It looks like 11pm outside so maybe I’ll just lie here all night… Until it really is 11pm.
Day 110.
I’m sorry my posts per week have been going down. I know you missed me. 😉  It’s just, it’s gotten really dark in Kiel. Like, really dark. By 4 it’s dark. It’s setting at 3. And today we were so lucky to have blue skies and sun so I could look out of my office and sigh at the beautiful day and soak in as much vitamin D as possible. But other than that, if you’ve been to Germany it’s just… grey. 
And I know people say it’s not like that everywhere and that it’s really bad in Schleswig-Holstein, but my goodness it was grey in Berlin and my goodness it was grey in Köln and Aachen, so yes, my overall idea of Germany’s weather is grey. Any other thoughts on the matter?
I have two and a half more weeks until I go home. How freaking crazy is that, guys? Where did the past three months go?
So the time has gone by fast, but it’s going incredibly slow right now. I’m glad I got to come on the internship early and enjoy two whole months of sun, because these clouds do a doozy on my emotions. I haven’t really picked up my go-to motivational happy Anne mode since I went to Berlin, as you can see from the absent blog posts. 
But that doesn’t mean there’s been some way rad times, so let me talk about those too:

Day 105. I went to Thanksgiving at the RIZ’s and my (English accent) flat mate, Lane, came with me. Lane is from Nebraska and his wife is teaching English in Bulgaria right now. We drooled over our food as we ate Thanksgiving that the wonderful Margetts prepared for us. I got to see Spencer’s mission president again in which I came up to him with my hands flying everywhere cause I was so excited, so he held my hands.
“You are my husband’s mission president.”
He got a big grin on his face, still holding my hands. “Who is your husband?”
“Well, I’m scared to tell you his name,” I said, laughing.
I told him Spence’s name.
And then he grinned again. Grin, grin, grin. And I laughed because that grin, I’m sure, could mean so many things, knowing all of Spencer’s stories from his mission. 
“And you are his wife,” he said.
He squeezed my hands. “Give him a very big, wonderful greeting from me.” (I don’t know how to translate that without it coming off as awkward, but you get what I mean.)
We had a huge crowd for Thanksgiving. The missionaries invited some super fun people, the Margetts are just always a blast, ALL of the young adults were there–it was a party. Oh yes, and everyone thought Lane was an investigator so Lane got missionaryized. Lane took it well. Lane is like the nicest person around so I wasn’t too worried. Plus there was delicious food and nothing could go wrong at a Thanksgiving fest.
On Day 106 Sunna, Petra and I visited our co-worker Anika, who just had a baby a couple weeks before. I nearly died when I saw her apartment. Oh. My. Gosh. I was walking into a living Pinterest. Every room was decorated in its own personality. First off, she had all light wood floors which I want in my house. And then french doors. And then she had two rooms that were both open so it looked like a long room and at the end of the long room was a bar in the corner. With stools! Like, how much fun would that be? You could have a whole classy dance party or a super fun Christmas party with bunches of fun drinks, alcohol free cause I’m cool that way and ohhh my. 
And then the kitchen was rad too. There was a spiral staircase and then two of the walls had this like graffiti wallpaper on it. Ohhh man you guys oh man oh man. 
…Okay so yes, maybe one of the coolest things that has happened to me in the past few weeks is that I walked into an apartment, but whatever.
I got to hold baby too. Oh baby baby baby. And baby is wearing pink and blue. Love it.

THEN on Saturday Day 108 Petra and the fam and some friends and I saw Catching Fire. Ohh man. All of Kiel was at the movies. Popcorn EVERYWHERE. You just walk around and wonder if there was a hole in the bottom of everyone’s popcorn buckets because holy crap. And the movie was so good. Gah! Jennifer Lawrence is a babe. So good. 
Sunday on Day 109 was the last Sunday for the Margetts before they go home, as well as for Elder Casper and Elder Paul, who have been transferred. Elder Casper is going to Forst and he will be opening a new program there. Elder Paul is going to Magdeburg, so look out for him, Sandra! I’m going to miss those two like crazy.
Anyway we had lots of fun taking pictures. 

Top: Elder Dospil (Austria), Elder Larsen (Idaho), Elder Casper  (Utah), Sister Rimmasch (Utah)Bottom: Elder Paul (Stuttgart on the military base), Me, and Sister Johnson (Utah (Lindon! She knows my cousin Cass!))Sister Johnson is the newest one and she is a blast. I laugh my head off every time I’m with her. She makes the funniest faces, the funniest jokes. I die. Yup. I just die of laughter. 

Me with the Margetts’. 
My apologies for the extremely awful iphone resolution. Ick. 
Tonight, back to Day 110, I got out of my bed after 6pm and went to Family Home Evening. I said goodbye to the Margetts and Elder Casper and Elder Paul. The Margetts have been a huge blessing to me. I always felt loved and wanted when I came to Family Home Evening and Institute and I loved talking about home and American things. They are wonderful people. The lucky part for me is that I get to go to their homecoming in December because I will be home and we live very close. AND my friend Saher is going to be in town until January so he’ll be there too. I don’t know why you’d want to come to Utah to celebrate Christmas when your family is in Nazareth. It’s his first time in America and I hope he enjoys it. I always worry when people are so excited to come to America that they’re going to be disappointed. It’s beautiful, but I think it’s so hard for some to grasp how gigantic America is. It’s a lot of traveling to get from A to B.
Tomorrow is the Christmas party at work and I’m taking pictures. Friends, have a good week. Salt Lakers, I’ll see you super soon.