i’m writing a page every day.

in hopes that it will all come together and be a novel someday.

i’m writing a page every day.

i wrote more than a page today. so that’s good.

but i’m writing a page every day.

good night.

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  1. Go, Anne, go!

    I just got my computer back today from the shop, so I’m catching up on blogs. Loved all the Danish pictures (especially the blue and white tiles and the old cottages). I think you need to get some blue and white china to eat on in your sunroom. Who doesn’t like a glass room? So beautiful.

    It has turned cold here. Even had a little snow one morning. I can feel the cold come through the wall. I like it, since I am a furnace inside, but Grandpa has to layer up.

    Denmark reminds me of Holland.

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