When the Berlin trip ended, I took the train from Alexander Platz to Magdeburg and met Sandra’s mother at the main train station. In an hour, Sandra would arrive from Leipzig. It was her birthday weekend and her family wanted to surprise her… with me. 
Days 93-95
Sandra was the first to see us. She had a big grin on her face as she walked up. Then she cried. I don’t know if it was because I was there, or because the past couple days had been awful for her (she cut her hand on glass (that’s the short version that she tells her grandparents, haha!)), but either way I take credit. 
If you’re a long time reader, you already know this, but Sandra was an exchange student at my high school during senior year (right when I had gotten back from Germany). We’ve been friends ever since. 
It was super fun getting to know Sandra’s parents after I had seen them on Skype and her countless stories about them. And it was fun to see Sandra’s actual home. Loved it.

An Ampelgirl! Haha.

Magdeburg has a Hundertwasser house. His building in Vienna is my background on twitter. Love, love love his stuff.

Look at that fountain! Those columns!

A pink baby on top of a fountain! Brilliant! Haha.

Miss Sandra Dee

Grandma, I had to do my own pose like you.

The old city wall.

Yeah, how could I not take a picture of these two?

Um. to die for. Spence, can we get married again so we can take pictures here in our white dress and brown suit?

Or maybe we could just do our own Taylor Swift music video. Sound good, Spence?

And then right here I’ll be elegantly walking down the stairs. 

I like her.


  1. Oh Anne, this post made me so happy. First of all, I like any mention of Sandra, and secondly, the Hundertwasser Haus made me crazy nostalgic for Vienna, and I thought of that pic of myself draped around the column, one of my favorites ever, and then you actually mention the same pic underneath yours. I let out a little woot and said aloud, “Oh Anne, I love you.”

    So there–you have set the tone for the day, and I can go and finish my R.S. lesson on service for tomorrow.

    Please gave my love to Sandra. Kisses.

  2. That fountain was beautiful!! LOVES!!

    I love and miss you!
    Only less then a month until you came home!

    This might just be the longest month of my life!



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