Good day! Day 111!

Tonight was the Christmas party at my work. I’ll tell you what I ate, so you get a glimpse of my day:

1. Hot chocolate, with whipped cream and a cookie.

I feel like the most high maintenance person on the planet sometimes. While everyone else can drink coffee and tea, I’m like “Oh yeah, sorry, but yeah, I can’t drink any of that.” And I feel so stupid. I guess if that’s the only thing I feel stupid about than I’m okay. I’d feel stupider if I said, “Oh yeah, my religion asks me not to drink hot chocolate or tea, but I don’t want to be high maintenance so I’ll drink it anyway,” but STILL. Germany is so different because people just drink all the time. You sit down at a meeting at work and there’s coffee and tea. You get invited to someone’s home and there’s coffee and tea. And I LOVE that about European culture. It is a wonderful time to chat and get together and snuggle in the winter time next to the Christmas markets and drink some hot glühwein. It is a beautiful part of the culture. My hot chocolate makes me feel like a four-year-old.

Sunna, though, is a sweet heart and doesn’t blink an eye. She just knows to get me hot chocolate, she knows I like it with whipped cream, and all is well. It’s my own self-consciousness. (Gosh, have I told you how much I love my co-workers?)

2. One fried mozarella stick.

After Sunna, Petra, and I set up decorations at the city gallery for the Christmas party, we walked across the street to the Christmas Market and got some lunch. The mozarella stick was a delicious choice.

Also, why don’t we do Christmas markets? What is up with that? Why? Like here you are again, University of Utah. What to do with all that giant cement space in front of the Marriott Library. Christmas Market, duh. Get on it. (For how much I have complained about this giant space of nothing at the Marriott Library, I might as well devote the rest of my college experience to doing something about it.)

3. Hot cranberry punch, alcohol free.

At the Christmas Market if you bought a drink you could keep the mug that came with it. So along with my yummy cranberry punch, I get to also take home a bright orange cup that says “Kiel’s 41st Christmas Market.” Bomb dig!

4. Cake.

Our Christmas fest started at the opera house where we got to tour the stages, dressing rooms, where they make the costumes, etc. After the opera house, we walked over to the city gallery and had cake. I got the chocolate cake with whipped cream on it.

Cake is another German culture thing. Along with coffee and tea, there’s always cake. I’m sure we could do this in America, but if you did this we’d all be dead. There is so much more butter and sugar in our cake at home. I love American cake more than anything, but there’s a reason we only eat cake on special occasions.

Unless you’re me, then you bake a cake every week, hide it from your husband, and eat it all by yourself.

Don’t judge.

5. Another cup of hot chocolate.

We don’t need to go over this again.

The thing is, I love hot chocolate. I will always choose hot chocolate over herbal tea or any other hot drink.

6. Cauliflower curry soup.

With bread.

What else about today except food? At the city gallery we watched an improvisation performance. I have always wanted to go to an improv performance. Super fun.

Pictures will be up tomorrow. I’m too tired to sort through them and wait for them do load.

Kiss kiss, friends.

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  1. I miss all things European. Here you have to go up to Park City to the Christmas store. BUT I’m glad you will be here for the GREAT DAY. Surely, we will have hot chocolate!

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